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WPZOOM themes’ file structure

All of our themes have a similar folders and files structure.

Folders Structure

/fonts/ β†’ some themes have this folder which contains custom fonts used via @font-face;
/functions/ β†’ contains theme configuration files, such as theme options, post options, sidebar definitions, etc.;
/functions/widgets/ β†’ contains all custom WPZOOM widgets used by the theme;
/functions/wpzoom/ β†’ the root folder for our ZOOM Framework, you should not edit of these files;
/images/ β†’ all images and icons used by the theme;
/js/ β†’ important JavaScript files used by the theme;
/languages/ β†’ this folder contains a .po file for easier theme translation into your own language;
/styles/ β†’ some themes have this folder which contains custom theme color styles;

The /functions/ Folder

This folder contains theme-specific files that define most of the theme’s configuration options.

custom-post-types.php β†’ if your theme comes with custom post types, they are defined and controlled by this file;
functions.php β†’ this file registers and defines some theme features, such as custom image sizes, custom menu locations, excerpt length, etc.;
options.php β†’ defines all theme options available in the WPZOOM Theme Options page;
post-options.php β†’ creates custom meta boxes for custom fields used in static pages and in posts;
sidebar.php β†’ defines all widgetized areas in the theme and their generic mark-up;

See also:
β†’ Understanding the Structure of WPZOOM Themes

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Last updated on January 20, 2019
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