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Social Widget

Sortable widget that supports more than 80+ social networks


  • Supports more than 400+ Social Networks
  • Sortable by Drag & Drop
  • Multiple Styles
  • Retina Ready Icon Font
  • FontAwesome integration
  • Color Picker

Installation & Usage

  1. Download the ZIP file using the Download button above.
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New in the Dashboard of your site.
  3. Click on the Upload Plugin button from the top, select the downloaded ZIP file and Install it.
  4. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  5. Now in the Widgets page a new widget called Social Icons by WPZOOM will be available.


Can I insert the Widget as a Shortcode in a Page?
Yes, using the Widget Shortcode plugin you can generate a shortcode for each Social Icons widget and insert the shortcode in posts or pages where you need it.
You can also create a hidden widget area using a plugin like Custom Sidebars if you don’t want to add the widget in a sidebar to be visible.

Can I contribute to this plugin?
Yes, contributions are highly appreciated!
The source code is available on Github. You can submit new icons, fork the project or test the beta versions.
You can also translate the plugin into your language here.

Can I donate to you?
Yes, you can donate any amount via PayPal on this link or purchase any of our themes.

Please Note: Being a free product, this plugin is distributed as-is without official support. Verified customers however, will have access to support for this plugin in the Support Desk.

For more information see the plugins page in the Plugin Repository.

  • Cristobal


    Thanks! Great job!

    Anyway, some Icons are missin (for example, Mixcloud). Could you add full support for them?

    It would also be nice if we could select:
    – fixed icon color
    – fixed background color
    – corner ratius

    best regards!

  • How come I can’t add or move the existing social icons? I only have access to the default facebook, twitter, and instagram, and when I click on the add more button, nothing happens. Is this just me? Can this be fixed?

    • Probably there is a conflict with a plugin installed on your site. Can you tell us what plugins you have active, or try to deactivate all of them, and then try to activate them back one by one, until you find the one that cause this problem.

  • Hi

    I would appreciate your assistance for the following…

    i am using your social share widget the widget is not showing properly after updating the theme
    also I want to change the colours where do I do that

    Thank you

    • Mohamed Hasan Al Lawati

      Hello ..
      I have exactly same issue !

      I tried to add 5 icons with links .. but it shows only 2 icons and 3 hiding icons ?!

      • Can you provide more details? Link to your website or the theme you use?

        • Mohamed Hasan Al Lawati

          Yes sure dear ..

          I have added :
          twitter -> appeared
          Instagram -> appeared
          Youtube -> doesn’t appear
          Youtube -> doesn’t appear
          Telegram -> doesn’t appear

  • Aran


    Great plugin.

    I just wanted to mention though: The page on the wordpress site says ‘Support for custom icons’ but unless I’m missing how to do it, you cannot upload your own custom icon. All you can do is select from the paged icons. I don’t feel this can be called ‘Support for custom icons’.

    Other than that, it’s a good plugin.

  • Hi, how do I remove the dot beside each icon.


  • Harry

    Hello, it is a very nice plugin, thank you so much!
    Is there a way to add some space between the icons in the layout where they are vertically below each other with the description next to each icon?
    The icons are now stacked on top of each other with only very little white space in between.

  • there is problem when we display quora icon with font awesome icon set.
    Quora is missing with socicon icon set.Please update the plugin .

  • I have installed the plugin WPZOOM Social Widgets and activated it. Now what do I do next to get a Facebook icon to show on my website – just the Facebook icon.

  • Hoo

    How can I add Telegram as an icon?

  • Hi

    Can you confirm if you have a problem with your Social Media plugin please? I am currently not able to add any icons, rather it defaults to a question mark with a black background.

  • Oleg

    Hello)) please add icon!

  • I can’t get this plugin to download! It fails every time I try!

  • I’m using the Athemes Moesia (Free) theme and want to use your widget in the Above Header widget area.

    Besides the Facebook, LinkedIn, Email icon links I want to add a Tel:0845952481 and skype:karl_benn icon that will action a phone call or skype call when the link is clicked using a device that supports this service.

    Please advise
    Thx Karl

  • Sneha


    Great Plugin.Super easy to navigate.Thank you.

    Quick question.Can we add whatsapp icon?

  • Plugin looks great, is there anyway I can make this vertical?

  • hi..
    plugin works great . but i ant it to align horizontally.. how to display ithe social icon horizontally

  • alana

    Hi! Is there a way to center the icons in my footer? Right now they are currently left aligned.

    • hey! I just saw that the social icons in your footer are centered. How did you do it??? Thanks!!

  • Russ


    I took a look at and noticed that there are several icons I’d like to use such as the Playstation and Overwatch icons, but I can’t find them in the Widget menu when typing in “Overwatch”, “Sony”, or “Playstation”.

    What am I doing wrong? Is there a library where I can scroll through and just click on the icon I want to use or do I have to use specific words in order to get them to appear?

    • Hello,

      I just updated the plugin, and now it includes Playstation and Overwatch icons.

  • Christina

    If Socicon adds icons how long does it typically take before they are added to the WPZoom Social Widget?

    • Hello,
      Just let us know which icons you need and we’ll add them in the plugin too.

      • Christina

        CodeRed and Nextdoor.

    • We’ve updated the plugin and added these 2 icons in it.

      • Christina

        It looks like there are supposed to be new icons but when we updated the plugin only a little rectangle is showing and no icon in the list with all of the other icons. Hard to explain without a screenshot.

  • Paulo Costa

    Which is the link that i need to insert for message or call on skype?

    • This one:


      • Paulo Costa

        Thanks 😉

  • Rachel

    I want to have labels with the icon, but I also want them to all line up Left (not centred).

    I’m putting it in the footer widget, is it possible to make them left aligned?

  • Hello!
    Thanks for wonderful plugin! Have one question.
    Is it possible to add “nofollow” tag to links? How can I do this?

  • ListBuyDomains

    Possible to setup WhatsApp to call?


  • FREE Zhao

    Can I use it for Weibo or Wechat?

  • Fabienne van Doornmalen I want to remove the Twitter icon from my WPZoom widget, but when i do this it doesn’t seem to save the changes and the WPZoom widget in another sidebar gets stuck on the loading signal. How can i succesfully remove the icon?

    • Fabienne van Doornmalen
    • Hello, It could be a plugin conflict. Can you tell us what plugins you have active on your website? Or maybe you can try to deactivate all of them except our Social widget and check if that helps or not?

      • Fabienne van Doornmalen

        Quite a lot of plugins: Askimet Anti-Spam, Boxzilla, Contact Form 7, Cookie Notice, Custom Sidebars, Disable WordPress Theme Updates, Fourteen Colors, Fourteen Extended, Frizzly Social Share Buttons, Google Analytics for WordPress by Monsterinsights, Image Widget, Photo Gallery, Redirection, Social Icons Widget by WPZOOM, UpdraftPlus, W3 Total Cache, WP Limit Login Attempts, WP Ultimate Recipe, and finally Yoast SEO. Any idea which one it might be causing the conflict? Would be quite a lot of work deactivating all of them…

        • Fabienne van Doornmalen

          Eager to hear from you Pavel :)

        • I recommend you to check if you don’t have any outdated plugins using this plugin:

          Usually, outdated plugins are the one causing conflicts with other plugins.
          Can you also email us your website admin login details via the contact form from our website?

        • Fabienne van Doornmalen

          Hi Pavel. I’ll check for outdated plugins using the plugin, thanks. Why do you ask for my website admin login details? Seems strange (for security reasons) to give these out.

        • If you know a better way we could help you, just let me know. Usually, it’s much easier for us to login and check what could cause the problem, instead of trying to guess different possibilities. Of course, you are not required to send us your login details, if you don’t feel comfortable sharing them with us.
          Also, we’re 100% convinced that the problem is from your side, as our plugin is used on more than 50.000 sites, and haven’t seen anyone complaining recently about a similar problem:

        • Fabienne van Doornmalen

          De-activating the outdated plugin (it was only one) didn’t work. I still couldn’t delete one of the social media icons in the existing widgets on my site. The only solution was to delete all of my widgets, and create new ones.