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How to add advertising banners

Most of WPZOOM themes have the built-in possibility of adding advertising to different sections of the theme, usually in the header and main sidebar.

Here is an example of an ad location in Tribune Theme:

You can insert complete HTML/JS code for your ad or you can upload an image and choose a URL destination for the image.

If you want to insert advertising from Google AdSense or similar services, then you can copy the ad code and insert it directly into the “HTML Code (Adsense)” box.
Enable the ad and you are done.

My theme does not have a Banners section

If you are using one of our themes that does not have built-in areas for banners, then you have another option.

Using a basic Text Widget

If you want to add some advertising to your sidebars (widgetized areas), then you can do so with the help of a simple Text Widget, available by default in WordPress.


The good thing about this solution is that you can create multiple widgets and you can freely arrange them in the desired order.

Adding code directly to the theme’s template files

If you want to add advertising to sections of the theme that don’t have this built-in feature or are not widgetized areas, then you will have to edit the theme’s template files directly.
The most commonly edited files are:

  • header.php – for the header of a theme;
  • footer.php – for the footer of a theme;
  • sidebar.php – for the main sidebar (widgetized area) of a theme;
  • page.php – template used for displaying static pages;
  • single.php – template used for displaying posts;

If you decide to edit the theme’s files, please don’t forget to backup your copy of the theme before that.
Sometimes you might delete a line of code by accident, which might have unpredictable results.

Also, don’t forget to backup your code changes when updating our theme from an older version.

Last updated on March 1, 2024

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