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How to Install a Premium WordPress Theme from WPZOOM

How to Download a Premium WPZOOM Theme

First you need to download the theme ZIP file from the link provided in your WPZOOM member area:

Your browser downloaded a folder instead of a ZIP file?
Some browsers like Safari automatically extract zip files after download. To download the theme as a ZIP file Right-click on the download link and select “Download Linked File“. You can also disable this feature in Safari Settings – view instructions.

How to Install a Premium WPZOOM Theme

Now that we have the ZIP file with the theme, let’s proceed to the installation:

  1. Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard (wp-admin) and open AppearanceThemes section
  2. Click on the Add New button from the top
  3. Click on the Upload Theme button
  4. Select the .zip file with the theme on your computer, and Install it
  5. Activate theme

Common Installation Issues & Solutions

Got an error during installation process? Try the following:

  • Deactivate all your plugins and install the theme again
  • Make sure that you are running on the latest release of WordPress

Upgrading from a free theme with the same name?

If you’re upgrading from a free theme that has the same name as the Premium version (e.g., Foodica, Inspiro), you’ll get the following message:

This theme is already installed.

Just click on the blue “Replace current with uploaded” button and your free theme will be upgraded:

Only the ZIP file with a Child Theme was downloaded

Are you getting the following error when trying to install the theme:
The parent theme could not be found. You will need to install the parent theme, theme-name, before you can use this child theme.

This happens when you’re trying to install the ZIP file with the Child Theme. Probably, your browser didn’t download the theme as a ZIP archive but instead extracted it automatically, so now the only ZIP file you’re seeing is the one with the Child Theme.

The Solution:

To download the theme as a ZIP file in Safari you will have to Right-click on the download button and select “Download Linked File“. You can also disable this feature in the Safari Settings – view instructions.

Another quick solution is to Compress the downloaded folder into a ZIP archive:

What’s Next?

If you have successfully installed your new WPZOOM theme, we recommend you take a look at the following resources:

Last updated on July 1, 2022

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