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How to set how a thumbnail is cropped

If you want to set how your thumbnail is cropped, you can handily do so by using Post Thumbnail Editor. The plugin will give you a simple set of options which allow you to choose in which areas the thumbnail is cropped.

1. Install Post Thumbnail Editor plugin

To install the plugin, go to PluginsAdd New and search for “Post Thumbnail Editor“. Click Install Now to install the plugin, and activate it once it’s installed.

2. Edit the Featured Image

When you’ll add a new Featured Image or edit an existing one, there will be a new option “Post Thumbnail Editor“. Click it it, and there you can crop the image and save the cropping area for a specific image size from the theme.


3. Crop & Save

In this step you can select the image size that you want to edit, select a new cropping area and click the Crop button.

If you’re not sure what is the name used for a specific section in your theme just ask our support team.

Edit_Post_‹_Insight_—_WordPress 2

On the final step don’t forget to click the Save icon.

Edit_Post_‹_Insight_—_WordPress 3

Images look streched?

Last updated on August 11, 2016
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