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Understanding pages & page templates

Most of our themes come bundled with unique page templates which adds additional functionality to your pages. These are most popular page templates that can be found in our themes:

  • Full-width – a full width page template without the sidebar.
  • Full-width (Page Builder) – a full width page template in which you can create full-width sections using Page Builders without being limited to default theme‘s width.
  • Homepage – usually, a page template that can be used for front page and includes a built-in Slideshow at the top

You can change a page’s Page Template in the Template section:

Assign a Page as the Homepage

For most of our non-blogging themes, like Inspiro, you have to set a static page as your front page. Optionally, you can create another page on which the Blog posts will be displayed.

How to set up a page as the front page:

  1. Create or edit an existing page, and select the desired Template to it (usually named “Homepage“), from the Template box in the right sidebar of the editor
  2. Navigate to SettingsReading
  3. Select “A static page” option for the Your homepage displays
  4. Then select any existing page from the Homepage dropdown. In our case, it will be Homepage

How to create a Blog page:

  1. Navigate to PagesAdd New and create a new page
  2. You can name your new page Blog or anything else you want
  3. Publish the page
  4. Go to SettingsReading page.
  5. In order to show the blog posts on the new page, just select it in the dropdown Posts Page and save changes.
Last updated on October 27, 2023

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