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Inspiro – Adding Fullscreen Images in Posts

This article refers to Inspiro Documentation

If you have the new editor enabled in WordPress 5.0 on your website, then it’s very simply to add fullscreen images in the content of your posts.

Simply add an Image block in the editor, and select the “Full-width” alignment:

If you don’t see this option, probably your Inspiro theme is outdated.

Adding Fullscreen Images in Posts [Old Method]

To add fullscreen images in the content of your posts or portfolio posts, like in this example, you’ll have to use the [fullscreen] shortcode:

  1. When you’re in the Visual editor click on the image you want to display in fullscreen
  2. Once you have selected an image, click on the icon Fullscreen image and the [fullscreen] shortcode will be added to that image.

Tiled Galleries

To create Tiled Galleries in posts, you’ll need Jetpack plugin with Tiled Galleries feature enabled or Tiled Galleries plugin.

Last updated on June 29, 2020

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