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Inspiro – General Speed Tips

This article refers to Inspiro Premium

Note: For a more comprehensive article on this topic, check out our guide on increasing the PageSpeed Score.

WP Rocket – One plugin to rule them all

To make your Inspiro site fly, we recommend adding the WP Rocket plugin. This concatenates your CSS and Javascript files, resulting in fewer files to load and a reduced size. It also enables WordPress Cache, which is a process to reduce the number of requests to your website’s database. This makes your website significantly faster by serving static versions of your content and pages to visitors.

So head over to wp-rocket.me and download this useful plugin.

Caching will be automatically enabled once the plugin is activated:

The CSS and JavaScript optimization can be enabled in the File Optimization tab.

Here are the recommended CSS configurations:

Your website will load much faster with the CSS Minify option enabled. You can also enable the option to Combine CSS Files or Optimize CSS Delivery. Sometimes, one of these two options might cause conflicts with styles combined with other plugins, so make sure to check your website for possible issues and choose the options that suit you better.

Recommended JS configurations:

Media Settings

We recommend enabling some options in the Media tab:

Disable Google Fonts

If you want to make your website even faster, you can sacrifice the beautiful fonts from Google Fonts and disable them.

Such an option is available in Theme Options:

Or you can enable the option to host Google Fonts locally on your website, but there is no evidence that this will improve the Page Speed score or your website’s performance.

Read more: How to Host Google Fonts Locally in WPZOOM Themes

Jetpack settings

If you install the Jetpack plugin, you can also serve images from a global CDN, which will help them load faster. Turning on Lazy Loading also prevents the images from being loaded on the page unless they are within the viewport – further improving loading times.


Elementor font settings

Navigate to Elementor > Settings and make additional tweaks if you have not already done so. That should remove Roboto and Roboto Slab from being loaded unnecessarily and provide a speed boost.

Last updated on March 20, 2024

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