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Foodica – Recipe Index Page

This article refers to Foodica

Recipe Index in version 2.3.0

Starting with Foodica 2.3.0 you can create quickly a Recipe Index page like this one from the demo.

  1. Create a New Page from Pages > Add New
  2. Assign one of the 3 available Recipe Index Page Templates to the new page.

Optionally, you can create 3 different pages with all available Recipe Index Page Templates and then create a Menu with these pages and set this as the Recipe Index menu. This will allow visitors to view your Recipe Index in 3 different styles: list, by date and grouped by category:

Recipe Index page has its own Sidebar, so in order to show widgets on the right, make sure to add your widgets in the “Recipe Index Sidebar” area on the Widgets page or using the Customizer:

For more option for Recipe Index pages, see Theme Options > Recipe Index Settings:

Last updated on November 2, 2019

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