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Getting started with Themes


Theme Quick Specs

  • Responsive – Yes
  • Theme Width – 1200px
  • Post Content Width – 750px
  • Sidebar Width – 365px
  • Page Templates – Archives, Full-width
  • Custom Widgets – Featured Category, Carousel, Recent Posts, Social Icons, Latest Tweets, Instagram

Demo Content Importer

To get quickly the same look of the theme as in the demo see here instructions to Import the Demo Content.

Setup Video Tutorial

Theme Structure & Overview


Recommended Plugins (free)

NEW! Recipe Card Blocks for Gutenberg – if you’re using the Gutenberg editor, you will need this plugin in order to be able to add blocks like Ingredients, Directions and Recipe Details.

Social Icons Widget – free plugin that allows you to create a list of your social profiles. You’ll need it to add social icons from the top menu bar.

Instagram Widget – another free plugin created by us which you can use to add a scroller with your Instagram photos in the Footer, like in the demo. Make sure to set the space between images in the settings to 0.

Jetpack – a free plugin that includes numerous features that you can active to add extra functionalities in the theme. Recommended features to activate: Related Posts, Tiled Galleries, Carousel.

Rating-Widget: Star Rating System – a complex free plugin that allows to add rating to each post.

MailPoet Newsletters – a plugin that allows to create and send newsletters to your subscribers. It also includes a widget that you can add in the sidebar or in the post content widget area.

Google Rich Snippets Plugins

Foodica theme includes basic support for rich snippets (image, ingredients, instructions) but if you need more complex support we highly recommend you to install a free plugin and use it to add new recipes:
Tasty Recipesour recommendation!
All In One Rich Snippets
Easy Recipe
WP Ultimate Recipe

Read on our Blog: 4 Best WordPress Recipe Card Plugins for Food Blogs

Theme Styles

Starting with version 2.0, Color Schemes can be changed from Customizer > Color Scheme.

Post Style: Grid/Blog


Posts Layout can be changed in Theme Options > General > Layouts.



There are 4 banner locations in this theme and you can manage them in Theme Options > Banners:
Header Banner – appears on the right, and the logo will be aligned to the left in this case.
After First Post – appears after first Sticky post.

Customize Colors, Logo, Fonts and other

To Customize different elements of the theme, go to the Appearance > Customizer page.

eCommerce Support

To enable the eCommerce feature in the theme, you’ll need to install the free WooCommerce plugin.

Contact Form Page

To add a contact form to a page like in the demo simply install the WPForms plugin by following these instructions.

Social Icons in the Header like Demo


Social Icons in the top menu bar from the header can be added using Social Icons widget (free plugin created by WPZOOM). Once you install the plugin, activate it, go to Widgets page, and add the Social Icons by WPZOOM widget to the Header Social Icons widget area.
Make sure to select the Color Icon/No Background Icon Style.

Newsletter Widget

You can add a newsletter subscription form in widget areas by installing the MailPoet Newsletters plugin (formerly Wysija Newsletters). The plugin is free and also includes a widget called MailPoet Subscription Form

Rating Stars

To add Rating Stars to each post, like in the demo, install and activate the free plugin called Rating-Widget: Star Rating System.

How to Change Logo, Colors and Fonts.


In Foodica theme many options can be changed and customized from Theme Customizer. You can access the Customizer from Themes Page.

In Site Identity you can upload your own logo image.

In Footer you can change the number of widget columns in the Footer.

Adding Posts/Pages to Featured Slider

By default Foodica displays Featured Posts in the Slideshow. You can change it to display Pages from Theme Options > Homepage > Homepage Slideshow:

  1. To add a new post or page in the slider on the homepage, edit the post/page you want to feature and check the Featured in Homepage Slider option.
  2. Upload a Featured Image to the post/page.
  3. Go to WPZOOM > Theme Options and from Homepage > Homepage Slideshow menu you can change additional options for the slider

How to change the order of posts in the Slider

By default posts are ordered by date, but you can easily change their order from Posts > Featured Posts page.

Simply drag & drop posts in the order you want, then save the changes.

Feature Content using “WPZOOM: Image Box” widget

In Foodica 2.0 we’ve added a new useful widget called WPZOOM: Image Box. This is a simple widget that allows you to upload an image and link to different pages from your site or to external sites.


The widget can be placed in the 3 widget areas below the Featured Slideshow on homepage or in other widget areas like Sidebar or Footer.

Configure Mobile Menu

Starting with Foodica 2.0 you can control what menu is displayed on mobile devices. All you have to do is to head over to the Menus page, create a new menu or assign an existing one to the Mobile Menu location.


Recipe Shortcodes

Recipe Card Blocks for Gutenberg – NEW

We’ve released a new plugin for the Gutenberg Editor to help you to add Blocks with recipe details much easier.
Download the plugin for free from

Recipe Shortcodes in Classic Editor

To add beautiful styled Ingredients and Instructions in your recipes, make sure to use the included Shortcodes. These shortcodes are visible in the editor’s buttons panel only when Visual editor is enabled.


Create Recipe Index Page [2.3.0+]

Recipe Index in version 2.3.0

Starting with Foodica 2.3.0 you can create quickly a Recipe Index page like this one from the demo.

  1. Create a New Page from Pages > Add New
  2. Assign one of the 3 available Recipe Index Page Templates to the new page.

Optionally, you can create 3 different pages with all available Recipe Index Page Templates and then create a Menu with these pages and set this as the Recipe Index menu. This will allow visitors to view your Recipe Index in 3 different styles: list, by date and grouped by category:

For more option for Recipe Index pages, see Theme Options > Recipe Index Settings:

Recipe Index (using EasyIndex Plugin)

Starting with Foodica 2.1.0 you can create quickly a Recipe Index page like this one from the demo.

You’ll need EasyIndex plugin for that. Once the plugin is activated, go to Indexes page in the WordPress Dashboard and create a new Recipe Index.

You can find more instructions and tutorials on EasyIndex support page.

How to Make a Sticky/Featured Post


To make a post larger than others, and display it first in the list, just mark it as Sticky by checking the option Stick this post to the front page from the Publish box when you edit a post. This option appears after clicking the Edit link next to Visibility

Infinite Scroll

Infinite Scroll can be added by activating Infinite Scroll feature from Jetpack plugin.

The Load More text can be changed in Theme Options:

Add Related Posts, Tiled Galleries and other Jetpack Features

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 10.19.36

Numerous features can be added quickly in the theme from Jetpack Plugin: Tiled Galleries, Related Posts, Extra Sidebar Widgets, etc.

Recommended Jetpack Features:

Related Posts
Extra Sidebar Widgets
Post by Email
Tiled Galleries

If you need help installing and activating these features, please see this tutorial: Getting started with Jetpack.

Here’s how you can create a Tiled Mosaic Gallery:


To add widgets in this theme, access Appearance -> Widgets menu, and drag widgets to your widgetized areas to activate them.

Widgets Structure in Demo


Load Default Widgets

From Theme Options you can load automatically default widgets, exactly as in theme demo. All you have to do is to navigate to Theme Options -> Import/Export -> Widgets and click the button Load default widget settings


How do I change summary content (Excerpt) for a post?

On editing page of a post, look for a field called Excerpt. You can add here summaries for your posts each time you want to adjust manually the length of text which appears in Slider, Recent Articles, Post Archives or when you simply want to have a different text than the automatically picked excerpt.

How can I change the number of posts on homepage?

  1. Go to Settings > Reading
  2. Find Blog pages show at most option, and change the number of posts.


Last updated on October 4, 2018
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