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Getting Started with Themes

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How to Update a WPZOOM theme

This tutorial is outdated!
You can now update our themes much easier using 1-click theme updates. View Details.

When a new version of your theme is available you will see a yellow notice at the top of your WordPress Dashboard.

We recommend you to keep always your theme updated, to ensure that it is fully compatible with the latest WordPress version available and has the latest features.

1. Download the New Version of Your Theme

Login to your member dashboard and download the latest version of your theme.
Optionally you can check the changelog to see what files were modified.

2. Install the New Version

Don’t forget to backup “custom.css” file and /languages/ folder if you added any custom stylesheets in the custom.css file or translated your theme in a different language.

This process is very similar to the theme installation process.

  1. Go to AppearanceThemes page
  2. Click on the Add New button from the top
  3. Click on the Upload button
  4. Browse for .zip file with the new theme version on your computer, and click Install Now
  5. Theme updated successfully.

You’ll probably get the following message when you’ll try to install the new version:
This theme is already installed.

Simply click on the blue button “Replace current with uploaded“.

That’s all.

No customizations or changes made to Widgets, Menus, Customizer (Fonts, Colors, Logo, etc.) will be affected when deleting your current theme and installing the new version manually. Make sure to backup only changes you made directly in theme files.

Known Issues

The theme looks broken?
Sometimes, after a major update it’s possible that your theme to look broken or some elements may be misaligned. You can fix this easily by clearing your browser cache or do a hard refresh in the tab with your website in your browser (CMD+Shift+R on Mac in Chrome or Ctrl+Shift+R on Windows in Chrome). View more instructions here and here.
I have updated the theme but the yellow bar still shows in dashboard
The theme version is contained in the style.css file, so even if this file wasn’t listed as modified in the changelog, you still have to update it or manually change version, editing the file via Theme Editor.

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Last updated on February 4, 2021
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