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Inspiro Lite – Child Theme

This article refers to Inspiro Lite

Child Themes are used when you want to make changes to a theme without actually changing the code or the files in your original theme. This lets you update your original theme (which is the engine behind the child theme) without losing any changes you made to your site.

If you want to make just some small changes, like adding custom CSS code, we recommend to add it in the Customizer > Additional CSSView instructions.

Custom functions can also be added without creating a Child Theme by using My Custom Functions or Pluginception plugins.

Create a Child Theme Using Child Theme Configurator Plugin

There are a number of plugins out there these days that will help you create a child theme. We’ve found the Child Theme Configurator plugin to work well.

Download Child Theme for Inspiro Lite

We’ve generated a Child Theme and you can download it here:

Download Child Theme

Last updated on May 22, 2023