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Inspiro Lite – Setting up the Hero Area on the Homepage

This article refers to Inspiro Lite

Inspiro Lite 1.8.0 changes the way the hero area is created on the front page.

In older versions of the theme, the hero area appeared automatically on your front page, and it was configurable from the Customizer. In version 1.8.0, we’ve made some changes, and now we’re using a Cover Block to display a fullscreen area with a video in the background.

If you prefer to use the old hero area, editable from the Customizer, just change your front page’s template to one of the following ones:

The hero area at the top appears automatically on your front page. If you have a static page set as your front page and don’t see the hero area, it means that you need to change the Page Template to a different one. For example, the Homepage (Without Hero Area) page template doesn’t include the hero area, so you can replace it with a different section.

Editing the Hero Area (large video)

The Homepage, Hero Area at the top, is a part of the theme, so it can’t be edited using the Page Builder.

You can edit it from the Customizer > Homepage Hero Area:

In the Media section, you can configure what the hero area displays: a video or an image.

The theme supports Vimeo, YouTube, and self-hosted MP4 video files. Vimeo and MP4 videos will also play on mobile devices, while YouTube videos will not play on mobile devices.

Video Background Support on Mobile Devices

Only self-hosted and Vimeo videos can be played automatically in the background on mobile devices. YouTube player has some limitations and doesn’t provide such a possibility.

Requirements for Video File to play on Mobile Devices (self-hosted):

  1. The video format must be MP4 with the h.264 encoding. You can resize/convert it using Handbrake.
  2. The video must be Muted.
  3. We also recommended to keep your video file size small (5-20MB) to load fast enough on 3G/4G connections.


Video Not Playing on Mobile?
If your phone is in Low Power Mode (iOS), your mobile browser won’t automatically play the video to save battery.

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If you want to have more control over the hero area and include additional text or elements, you can replace the hero area with a Cover Block. You can find more details in this article.

Last updated on November 21, 2023