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Reel 3.0: New Color Schemes, Portfolio Styles & More!

We’re very excited to announce a new major update for our Reel theme.

The new 3.0 version brings new color schemes and many improvements to the Portfolio Showcase widget.

What’s new in 3.0?

  • 5 New Color Schemes + 2 New Theme Styles
  • Full-width header option
  • New styles & options for Portfolio Showcase widget

5 New Color Schemes

After long research among many websites from companies in the video production industry as well as video companies run by customers using our video themes, we’ve come up with the idea to design new color styles for Reel.

What started as a simple update to create a Dark scheme, ended in a major update with 5 new color schemes: Dark, Blue, Red, Brown and Light Brown.

Below you can see previews of each of the new color schemes:

Dark Scheme – view demo

Light Brown – view demo

Blue – view demo

Brown – view demo

Red – view demo

and here are 2 additional styles which simply changed the default style to a minimal or a bold one:

Minimal Style – view demo

Bold Style – view demo

New Options in the Portfolio Showcase widget

In the new version we’ve added the following options in the Portfolio widget:

  • Image Aspect Ratio – now you can switch between Landscape, Cinematic, Square and even Portrait image orientation to better match the style of your works.
  • 2 New Title Style – Text Overlay (centered) and Text Overlay (in the bottom-left corner)
  • Option to remove the spacing between items
  • Portfolio Categories Alignment – now you can center or right-align the categories filter at the top of the portfolio showcase.
  • Full-width Layout (1 column) – by choosing the 1-column layout, the items will appear full-width in the widget.
  • Additional Details – now you can display next to each item details like Year of Production, Director or Category name.

To find easier the new options in this widget, just take a look at the screenshot below and highlighted options:

These are all the new options available in Reel 3.0 which will give you even more control when creating your portfolio grid.

Below you can see the results achieved using different configurations of the new options:

The new update is available for all existing customers. If you have already activated your license key and enabled 1-click theme updates, head over to your WordPress Dashboard and update your theme.

Check more information about Reel 3.0 theme or take a look at the live demo.

Let us know if this update meets your expectations and what are your plans with Reel in the comments section!

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