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10 Best WordPress Themes With Video Background in 2024

Best WordPress Themes With Video Background

Video backgrounds can transform an ordinary website into an extraordinary digital showcase. They add a layer of depth and motion, immediately grabbing the visitor’s attention. However, it’s crucial to choose themes that are not only visually appealing but also optimized for performance and user experience.

In this guide, we will explore the best WordPress themes with video background, focusing on their usability, design quality, and customization options.

3 Best Video Background WordPress Themes in 2024: Quick Look

  1. Inspiro Premium: Trendsetting, video-integrated portfolios with Elementor support.
  2. Reel: Multimedia-rich, responsive design with Beaver Builder compatibility.
  3. Inspiro PRO: Innovative full-screen video backgrounds with mobile autoplay feature.

10 WordPress Themes with Video Background: In-Depth Reviews

Video background WordPress themes offer a dynamic and visually engaging way to captivate your audience. Integrating video into the background of your website can enhance its aesthetic appeal and provide a more immersive user experience. 

Whether you’re building a portfolio, a business site, or a creative platform, selecting the right theme with a video background can be a game-changer.

1. Inspiro Premium

Inspiro Premium - the best WordPress theme with video background

Pricing: $69/year

Key Features:

  • Video-integrated portfolio layouts
  • Customizable elements and color schemes
  • Elementor templates and widgets
  • Lightweight and speed-optimized
  • WooCommerce integration

With its array of portfolio layouts with video support, Inspiro Premium sets the stage for an immersive visual experience on your WordPress site. This theme is a trendsetter, offering you a full suite of customizable elements and a portfolio module that’s as responsive as it’s stylish.

You’re not just building a website but crafting a visual narrative that captivates your audience with engaging grids, masonry styles, and fullscreen video backgrounds.

It’s a lightweight, speed-optimized theme, ensuring your site loads swiftly, providing an uninterrupted experience even during high traffic. Embrace the power of Elementor templates and custom widgets for effortless page design, and make instant aesthetic changes with various style kits.

All this, coupled with WooCommerce integration and accessible shopping carts, makes Inspiro Premium an ideal choice for a seamless online presence.

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2. Reel


Pricing: $69/year

Key Features:

  • Video autoplay on portfolio hover
  • GIPHY integration for video backgrounds
  • Mobile-compatible video backgrounds in slideshows
  • Beaver Builder Integration
  • Portfolio Showcase widget

Reel’s responsive design ensures your site’s video backgrounds look stunning on any device, offering visitors a seamless multimedia experience. Tailor your portfolio showcase with widget options, and captivate your audience by generating video backgrounds from YouTube videos and Vimeo clips using GIPHY integration. With full-width headers and sophisticated font synchronization, Reel presents your content with a polished, professional look.

Integrating with Beaver Builder and the responsive layout ensures your site is stylish and technically efficient. Reel’s video autoplay on portfolio hover and mobile-compatible video backgrounds in slideshows, provide an immersive user experience. The theme’s technical effectiveness is matched by its aesthetic flexibility, offering you a canvas to express your creative vision.

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3. Inspiro PRO

Inspiro WordPress portfolio theme

Pricing: $69/year

Key Features:

  • Full-screen video background
  • Autoplay on mobile and tablet devices
  • Elementor integration
  • Customizable style kits
  • Interactive Portfolio Module with video on hover

Inspiro PRO offers an exceptional full-screen video background feature, setting it apart as a top video background WordPress theme for multimedia integration. With Inspiro PRO you are embracing a trend-setting design that enhances your brand’s digital footprint. Your website will be a visual feast, with autoplay video on mobile devices — a unique feature that sets you apart.

Use the smooth Elementor page builder integration to drag and drop your way to perfection. Change your site’s look easily with style kits and color schemes, all just one click away. And with the Portfolio Module’s video background on hover, your work will be an interactive experience.

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4. Photolio

Photolio theme

Pricing: $49/year

Key Features:

  • Fullscreen video and image backgrounds
  • Background music option for each page/post/project
  • Ten gallery templates for versatile displays
  • SEO optimized for visibility and speed
  • Simple style switching with accent color customization

Photolio stands out as a versatile video background WordPress theme ideal for creatives. Its sleek design and intuitive gallery management allow you to upload images effortlessly and select the ideal gallery template that reflects your artistic vision.

Whether you’re aiming for a fullscreen background video to captivate visitors or a simple yet elegant slideshow, Photolio adapts to your needs without a hitch.

The theme’s optimization for search engines ensures your site is discoverable and fast-loading, critical for keeping those eyeballs on your content. With the click of a button, you can switch between a Transparent Light Dark and a Transparent Dark base style, tailoring your site’s palette to match your brand.

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5. Burst

Burst theme

Pricing: $79/year

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-implement video backgrounds
  • Customizable grid layouts
  • Designed for creative portfolios and agencies
  • Trend-aware design features

With its ability to add video backgrounds with just a few clicks, Burst ensures that your website captivates visitors the moment they land on your page. This WordPress video theme strikes the perfect balance between technical expertise and visual impact, allowing you to seamlessly integrate full-screen video elements that engage your audience on a deeper level.

Burst is designed for creative agencies and individuals who want their online presence to pop.

The grid size selection feature in Burst is a game-changer for aesthetics and functionality. You’re empowered to tailor your content display, choosing from various grid layouts to showcase your work in the most compelling light. The flexibility to customize your layout means your website stays on the cutting edge of current design trends, resonating with viewers and enhancing their experience.

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6. Folie

Folie theme

Pricing: $59/year

Key Features:

  • Seamless video background integration
  • Enhanced Masonry Management
  • Fullscreen Portfolio Carousel
  • Reveal Animations for elements
  • Codeless WordPress Website Builder

Folie is a cutting-edge video background WordPress theme that ensures that your website’s visual storytelling captivates visitors instantly. Folie’s Masonry Management and Fullscreen Portfolio Carousel enhance the dynamism of your site, while Reveal Animations add that extra layer of sophistication to your content.

Folie’s Codeless WordPress Website Builder is offering the fastest, most intuitive live-editing experience. You’ll build pages in real-time, with live header customization that transforms your site’s main section effortlessly.

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7. Storm

Storm theme

Pricing: $44/year

Key Features:

  • Full-screen image, video, and audio backgrounds
  • Custom full-screen gallery
  • Easy form creation with Quform plugin
  • Ideal for visual and audio work showcase
  • Enhanced media integration for impactful self-promotion

Storm sets itself apart as a WordPress theme by offering an immersive video background feature that’ll instantly elevate your site’s aesthetic. With its full-screen image, video, and audio background template, Storm delivers content and captivates. Whether you’re showcasing your latest visual project or underscoring your audio work with dynamic visuals, this video focused theme ensures your audience is experiencing your content, not just viewing it.

If you’re looking to make an impact, Storm’s custom full-screen video gallery is a game-changer. Coupled with the seamless integration of the Quform plugin, you’ll find creating forms as effortless as they’re effective. Storm is a multimedia platform tailored for creatives who understand that in the digital age, presentation is just as crucial as the content itself.

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8. Kenozoik

Kenozoik theme

Pricing: $89/year

Key Features:

  • Video background integration
  • Variable grid size for dynamic layouts
  • Multiple vibrant homepages
  • Diverse portfolio display styles
  • Designed for creatives and agencies

Kenozoik’s ability to feature a video background in your portfolio sets your creative work apart with an engaging dynamic. With its vibrant homepages, your content takes center stage, enveloped in a design that pulses with creativity. The theme’s tailored portfolio gallery — with options like cascade and metro display styles — lets you curate your work with finesse. The video background transforms your digital space into a narrative canvas.

Kenozoik stays ahead of visual trends, featuring a variable grid size for creating unique and innovative layouts. This flexibility ensures your portfolio looks current and uniquely yours. It’s ideal for freelancers and studios aiming to project their vision with clarity and style.

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9. Gedebvge

Gedebvge theme

Pricing: $79/year

Key Features:

  • Engaging video background functionality
  • Responsive and mobile-ready design
  • Minimalist and elegant aesthetic
  • Built on Twitter Bootstrap
  • Ideal for showcasing creative portfolios

With Gedebvge’s responsive design, you’re equipped with a minimalist and elegant theme that stands out for creative digital agencies eager to showcase their portfolios with a captivating video background. This theme’s clean lines and simplicity align with current design trends. Built on the robust Twitter Bootstrap framework, it offers a reliable and flexible foundation that adapts seamlessly to all devices, ensuring your content looks impeccable on every screen.

As a creative professional, you know the importance of a powerful first impression. Gedebvge’s video background feature allows you to engage visitors instantly, giving them a taste of your aesthetic skill as soon as they land on your page. The theme’s focus on visual storytelling is about creating a fluid user experience that showcases your work in the most dynamic way possible.

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10. Digiflex

Digiflex theme

Pricing: $59/year

Key Features:

  • WP Bakery page builder
  • Fixed Header
  • Custom Swiper Slider
  • SVG-based slider bullets
  • Beautiful slide headlines

While you’re searching for a WordPress theme that seamlessly incorporates video backgrounds, Digiflex stands out for its cinematic flair and user-centric design. It’s tailored for the creative who wants to make a statement with bold visuals and immersive storytelling.

With Digiflex, you can create a website that showcases video content with an air of Hollywood sophistication. WP Bakery page builder complements the theme’s aesthetic appeal, making site customization a breeze.

The responsive layout ensures your site looks sharp on all devices, while unique UI elements like SVG-based slider bullets add a modern touch. The theme’s documentation guides you through the setup, ensuring that your site is up and running with minimal fuss.

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Choosing the right WordPress theme with a video background is key to making your website stand out. The themes we’ve highlighted are specially crafted to integrate video backgrounds, ensuring your site is both stunning and functional. They come loaded with diverse features and customization options, perfect for a variety of websites, whether corporate or creative.

Among our top recommendations are:

  • Inspiro Premium: This theme offers a customizable, responsive design with immersive video features, ideal for creating visually engaging websites.
  • Reel: Known for its sleek, adaptable design, Reel integrates video content seamlessly from platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, making it a great choice for multimedia-rich sites.
  • Inspiro PRO: For a dynamic, trend-forward website, Inspiro PRO stands out with its interactive video elements and full-screen video backgrounds.

Selecting one of the video background WordPress themes will enable you to craft a unique and captivating online presence, effectively conveying your message and engaging your audience. A well-selected theme is more than just a design choice; it’s a crucial tool in enhancing the impact and user experience of your website.

Still after more themes? Consider:

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