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500 Free Icons: WPZOOM Social Networking Icon Set

Written by Pavel Ciorici on in WPZOOM 102 comments

When I first stumbled across David Ferreira’s portfolio on ThemeForest, I couldn’t resist buying his Vcard Template, even though I didn’t plan on using it, but after I saw the amazing icons he designed for this template, first thing that came to my mind was to contact David regarding a collaboration with WPZOOM.

WPZOOM Social Networking Icon Set: 500 free icons!

WPZOOM Social Networking Icon Set: 500 free icons!

As you can see, we had a productive collaboration which resulted with an awesome icon set that includes 100 icons of popular social networking websites. Every icon from WPZOOM Social Networking Icon Set is available in 5 different sizes: 64×64, 48×48, 32×32, 24×24 and 16×16px (PNG & PSD format). This means you get 500 beautiful icons!


  • Download WPZOOM Social Networking Icon Set
  • 100 icons × 5 sizes: 64×64, 48×48, 32×32, 24×24 and 16×16px
  • PNG and PSD format

You are allowed to use these icons anywhere you want, however we’ll highly appreciate if you link to this article or to our website when you share/use them.
Creative Commons License
WPZOOM Social Networking Icon Set by WPZOOM is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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  • Abcdefg

    Why there’s no Mail icon? It could be useful for the newsletter.

    • me

      i see it

  • Hi
    nice set. thank you for sharing.

  • Very Nice Set

  • Great icons, thanks!

  • Great icon set ~ Keep up the great work!

  • Awesome set, fantastic work.

  • Awesome set of icons! Thanks!

  • Wonderful set of icon, thanks for give it free.

  • Thank you! The icons are simple but very nice! :)

  • Awesome icons!

  • I will really enjoy using these icons, thanks so much for giving them away.

  • This is an awesome free set.. thanks :)

  • Really a nice stuff!!! Thanks!

  • yasam phani

    Very Nice

  • Incredible set, is just perfect – thanks a lot.

  • Don

    Excellent stuff! Thanks heaps.

  • krishna

    good collection. very useful

  • andré

    great set, but I think the youtube icon is wrong. the white background have to be on “Tube” not “you”

  • memakeit

    I second Abcdefg’s comment – an email icon would be nice. Besides that, great work!

  • mreeves

    Great set thanks, pity there is no email icon.

  • How do I delete/edit the social networks links bar at the bottom of individual posts in the Gallery theme. Please don’t ask me to look in the documentation that came with the theme. It isn’t there.

  • Great set! Thanks! :)

  • Great icon!! i’m using some of them on my website.. :D

  • Awesome work. Thanks for sharing.

    Special thanks for the psd-file which is included. So we can edit if we need another icon some day…5 stars.

  • Great job !

    Thanxs a lot for sharing this awesome work

  • Marcelo Araujo

    hi. thanks. but, where is orkut?? it is very very used here in brazil. tks

  • Marcelo Araujo

    oh…. forget it! i find!!

  • These are gorgeous – the most complete set I’ve seen, too. Thanks so much!

  • Thanks a tonne. Currently, using these beauty sets for my website :P

  • I was looking for a large set of icons, you’ve done it! Thank you

  • amazing icons! thank you for this work

  • Nice icons, really amazing collection!

    Thanks for sharing these =)

  • Love the set…thanks for sharing. I posted them up on my free resource site @

  • Awesome! I can complete my icons nows,
    Thanxs ;)

  • These will perfectly fit my sites design. THanks a lot!

  • Thank you for the icons; they are really cool!

  • Akshata

    Wonderful icons, thank you :)

  • Dennis

    Does this iconset REALLY require for me to put a link on your website?

    Makes no sence, you can require copyright on buisness logo’s.

    • This is not required, however it’s greatly appreciated.

  • good icons

  • Pretty amazing set!

  • Thank you, very professional icons.

  • Thank you….they are very cool icons.

  • Looks great.

  • Great icon set, thanks!

  • Outstanding. Downloaded and will use on multiple websites. Thank you so much!

  • Megan

    Thank you, these are so well made. I hope you get suitable recognition for your efforts.

  • max

    Perfect icon set! Thanks for sharing!

  • I am so happy I can download this…went and bought credits on istockphoto and found nothing. keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for sharing !
    A lot of sizes : great :)

  • James

    Thank you very much.

    Hope to pay you back in the future

  • Great great great set! Thanks a load!

  • The best pack out there!

  • Thank you WPZOOM..

  • thank you WPZOOM. Versy useful for me :)

  • Awesome. Thanks so much!

  • osk2

    Perfect set, really like it
    can you add Google+ icon in set? I really need it

  • Super Good!!!

  • Are you going to add G+ at some point? I for 1 would use it nevermind the guys that use my plugin :)

  • Thanks for the icons they are awesome. I also went to have a look at David Ferreira’s portfolio on theme forest very talented indeed

  • Nice icons! thank you very much! i have use them in my personal website

  • good icons found.. thank you

  • Mark

    Great work on these; simple, tasteful and polished.

  • I Like this!!!

  • GPS

    Thanks for your beautiful icon :-)

  • Floricica Dan

    Just added 2 new icons to this set for my personal use but you guys can download them if you want.

    I added Google Plus and SoundCloud icons.

    Download link:

    Thank you WPZOOM for this great icon set!

  • Natasha

    Thanks buddy those realy nice and elegant icons

  • Topboy

    Hi. Please icon send to website. Tanx

  • Pam Wright

    Perfect! Thanks for these :-)

  • Mr.Kiki

    Very nice!beautiful !

  • Aleksandar

    Awesome. Clean and perfect practical.

  • Bondarov

    Hi! Super icons! Thanks!

  • Jason Davis

    Great icons thank you. My only request is to add a “Home” button, like you see on your browser to go to your “home” page.

  • Akhtar


  • Saalim

    Awesome Icons… But where’s the Google+ and SoundCloud icons?? :(

    • Somebody


      See Floricica Dan’s comment above. Visit the link mentioned there.
      Google+ and SoundCloud icons are included in that pack :-)

  • BZ

    LOVE me some free stuff!

  • Frederik

    wonderfull, thx :-)

  • youhuan wu

    Thanks a lot, these are perfect !

  • Anna Funk

    This set is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for making them shape layers! I’ve never seen any other set that offers them up as scalable shape layers.

    It is missing Pinterest, but I was able to make one with the EPS file they offer on

  • Diseño paginas web

    Awesome job! Thanks for sharing.

  • Klaas


  • Nilesh

    Excellent icons. I like it.. I will use these icons in my wordpress themes ;)

  • rajinish

    Thanks a Tonne. Currently, using these beauty sets for my website :P

  • shakil hossain

    Cool :) ..very nice and sunny look icons set .. thank u very much for share and give use for free . wish all the best WPZOOM

  • Rebecka

    Nice! I miss Instagram icon and Google+ icon (or Google icon = Google+ icon)?

    • Rebecka

      Oops, I now saw that someone has already contributed with a Google+ icon. Awesome!

  • cgvector

    very nice list just miss the twitter bird icon but over all it’s very nice list…

  • NK

    Would be nice to see 500px and github included as well. Any chance that could happen?

  • unknown

    Please update the twitter with twitter bird

  • unknown

    also Google Plus is missing!!

    • Rebecka

      No, see comment by Floricica Dan. :)

  • Amin

    Its an awesome pack thanks for sharing ;)

  • Maurice Neumann

    Nice Icons, but i miss Google+ & Pinterest.

  • Ozjon

    Great set of icons!

    Very generous and thank you for sharing these with the rest of the world.

  • Unaiz

    Great Set of icons, thanks for sharing :-)

  • Abhik


  • Alex

    And where is VK icon?