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Meet the Remote Workplaces of the WPZOOM Team

The world turned upside down lately, forcing the majority of people to work from their homes. For the WPZOOM team, working remotely is not something new. Some of our team members have been working remotely since they joined us, others had the experience of both working from home and from the office (hello, Pavel). However, we’ve gone completely remote, without an office, approximately 6 months ago. We’re feeling great and are super-grateful to have already been adjusted to this before the quarantine.

Following the examples of other teams — feel free to consider this a challenge — we thought it would be awesome to share photos of our workplaces. Meet the small corners from where all the WPZOOM magic happens: new theme ideas and development, updates, blog posts, customer support, newsletters and so on. All of it for making your WordPress experience as easy and awesome as possible!

Pavel’s Desk — Founder of WPZOOM

Here’s where all the WPZOOM decisions are made. Notice that microphone? We’re still trying to convince Pavel to put it to work and start a podcast! Pavel’s desk is a reflection of his personality: neat, chill and simple. He might’ve overreacted during the quarantine a liiiiitle bit:

But we don’t judge! Better safe and prepared than sorry.

Alexei’s Desk — Developer

A true fan of WordPress we have here, as you can see. This is where most of the updates for our themes and plugins are happening. Notice the world map from above the screen. Most probably, Alexei is often thinking about all the traveling that was canceled for this year. We feel your pain, bro.

Alexei is also a responsible person and takes quarantine very (too?) seriously:

Petru’s Desk — Developer

Keeping it simple, you can see how Petru intensely works on new features and updates for our Recipe Card Blocks plugin. And most importantly, he doesn’t forget to hydrate!

Ina’s (my) Desk — Graphic Designer

I have to be honest. I cleaned the computer desktop before taking the picture. Other than this, I like to keep it minimalist and I’m kind of proud of this corner of my room from where I can work comfortably and connect with our customers.

These are the workplaces of our small team. Feel free to share with us the desk from where you work/blog/create from by tagging @WPZOOM on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Let’s make a chain of photos as proof that remote work is possible and awesome!

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