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5 Benefits of Joining Our Club Today


Nowadays, it doesn’t matter if you’re a freelancer or a web agency because WordPress has grown so much that it can be considered one of the most popular tools for creating websites, and it really doesn’t matter if you use it for a personal blog or a complex eCommerce website for a popular brand. In other words WordPress is the favorite platform for end-customers and developers alike.

If you live and breathe WordPress, we have good news! We’ve made some changes to our Pricing Plans, and joining it is more convenient than ever.

1. No More Monthly Fees

When we first launched our Club Membership in 2011, along with the sign-up fee, we also charged members a symbolic $9 per month, but as we’ve grown and the number of themes doubled and tripled, we’ve increased the monthly fee to $19.

Now, we’ve decided to make an important change in favor of new customers: We’ve removed the monthly fee, making it possible to become a Club member by paying $129 per year, with no extra monthly fees.

If you’re wondering what are the other benefits of joining our Club, read them here:

2. Access to 35+ Unique WordPress Themes & Plugins


When joining our club, you automatically get access to download at any time you want all our 30+ themes for different niches like business, eCommerce, education, magazine, food, portfolio, blog, video, and others.

We’re known in the WordPress world as having some of the most well-designed and well-organized themes, but along with that our themes are also very well optimized and they will perform great results regardless if someone visits your site from a desktop computer or a mobile device.

3. Free Access to Future Products

If your license is active, you will automatically get access to our new releases. We try to release every several new themes or plugins.

If you are subscribed to a package that includes plugins, you will get new plugin releases too.

4. Regular & Major Updates for Existing Themes

Most of our themes are updated several times yearly, or as often, a bug or another problem needs to be fixed.
During the last few years, we’ve started to pay more attention to popular themes and release major updates for them, which include not only numerous improvements but also new features and new demos.

5. 90% Savings

One of the main benefit of becoming a member of our Club is the low cost. At the price of $129 for 30+ themes, you pay just $4 per theme! Isn’t that a great deal?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my membership auto renew?

Yes. We’ll send you a reminder email when your time is almost up so you don’t miss out.

Can I use your themes after my membership expires?

Yes, you can use all the themes you’ve downloaded even after your subscription has ended.


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