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5 Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Providers

Best Cheap WordPress Hosting

Selecting the right WordPress hosting is a critical step for anyone keen on building an effective online presence, especially when working within a budget. Particularly for small businesses, bloggers, or individuals launching their digital projects, investing in high-priced hosting services can be a financial stretch. 

We’ve carefully curated a list of the 5 best cheap WordPress hosting providers, each offering unique strengths. There’s a solution tailored to every need and budget.

5 Cheapest WordPress Hosting in 2024: Quick Look

  1. Hostinger – Affordable and Reliable WordPress Hosting
  2. DreamHost – Officially Recommended by WordPress
  3. Bluehost – Top Tier WordPress Provider
  4. HostGator – Easy and Secure WordPress Hosting
  5. SiteGround – Fast and Secure Managed WordPress Hosting

Cheap WordPress Hosting Pricing: A Side-by-Side Comparison

It can be overwhelming to understand the various pricing plans and what they offer. To simplify your decision-making process, we’ve compiled a detailed comparison table that breaks down the pricing structures of our top recommended affordable WordPress hosting providers.

In creating our comparison table, we focused on the most affordable plan available from each hosting provider. It’s important to note that these providers offer a range of plans, some of which are more expensive and come with additional features or capabilities. This approach allows us to highlight the most budget-friendly options for those seeking cost-effective solutions. However, for users with more advanced needs or higher-traffic websites, exploring the providers’ full range of plans is recommended to find the best fit.

1 Month$9.99$7.99$15.99$15.99$24.99
First Year$35.88$35.40$35.40$59.40$35.88
1 Year Renewal$71.88$83.88$143.88$143.88$215.88
First 2 Years$54.96N/AN/AN/A$179.76
2 Years Renewal$119.76N/AN/AN/A$431.76
First 3 YearsN/A$93.24$178.20$135.00N/A
3 Years RenewalN/A$539.64$299.64$299.64N/A
First 4 Years$95.76N/AN/AN/AN/A
4 Years Renewal$191.52N/AN/AN/AN/A
Average Cost$4.60$7.70$9.17$9.33$14.29

As we can see from the table above, Hostinger consistently offers the most competitive pricing across multiple durations, making it a great choice for both short-term and long-term WordPress hosting needs.

Please note that some providers did not offer pricing for all durations, and for longer-term plans, renewal costs were considered in the calculation.

The average cost calculations were made by averaging the costs of all available pricing options for each provider. Keep in mind that these averages are based on the pricing options available at the time of writing this article and may vary with different plan features or promotional offers.

Best Cheap Hosting for WordPress: In-Depth Reviews

Affordable doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality. It isn’t just about finding the lowest price; it’s about discovering a service that offers a harmonious blend of affordability, reliability, and quality features. This balance is essential, as your hosting choice directly impacts your website’s performance, loading speed, and uptime – all vital for engaging and retaining your audience.

With this in mind, let’s explore our top picks for WordPress hosting providers that excel in offering cost-effective solutions without sacrificing essential functionalities.

1. Hostinger – Affordable and Reliable WordPress Hosting Provider


Key Features:

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Cloudflare Protected Nameservers
  • Malware Scanner
  • Managed WordPress Options

Hostinger’s hosting solutions are particularly attractive for those on a budget, with plans starting as low as $1.99 per month for shared hosting plans. This affordability is a significant draw for beginners or small businesses looking to establish an online presence without a hefty investment. Despite the low cost, Hostinger provides a reliable service with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, ensuring that websites remain accessible to visitors with minimal downtime.

Their customer support is available 24/7, which is a crucial feature for users who may need assistance outside of regular business hours. This support extends to all aspects of web hosting services, from setup to troubleshooting, making it a valuable resource for both novice and experienced users.

Hostinger’s security features, such as Cloudflare Protected Nameservers and a malware scanner, offer robust protection against cyber threats. This is particularly important for WordPress sites, which can be targets for hackers. The inclusion of managed WordPress options simplifies the process of managing a WordPress site, with features like WordPress acceleration and staging tools that enhance site performance and facilitate testing and development.

Hostinger Pricing

  • Single Plan: $1.99/month (Paid $113.67 for the first 48 months, then $3.99/month upon renewal)
  • Premium Plan: $2.99/month (Paid $143.52 for the first 48 months, then $7.99/month upon renewal)
  • Business Plan: $3.99/month (Paid $113.67 for the first 48 months, then$8.99/month upon renewal)
  • Cloud Startup: $8.99/month (Paid $191.52 for the first 48 months, then$19.99/month upon renewal)
Hostinger Pricing

Hostinger’s WordPress hosting services are used by a significant number of websites. According to the “Ultimate Web Hosting Statistics and Market Share Report (2023)” by WPBeginner, over 3 million websites use Hostinger as their provider, which is 1.6% of all websites. Out of the top 1 million websites, 0.55% use Hostinger. 

Additionally, Hostinger has a market share of 26.79% in the WordPress hosting market, making it a significant player in the industry. The company has experienced substantial growth, with over 29 million people using its services, due in part to its WordPress-specific plans. Overall, Hostinger is a popular choice for WordPress hosting, offering a range of features and a significant market share in the industry.


Key Features:

  • Recommended by WordPress.org
  • In-House WordPress Experts
  • WordPress-Optimized Servers
  • Free Domain
  • Managed WordPress Options

Dreamhost’s hosting services are tailored to optimize WordPress performance, with plans starting at $2.59 per month. Their status as a hosting provider recommended by WordPress.org is a testament to their quality and reliability. This endorsement means that users can trust Dreamhost to offer a web hosting environment that is fully compatible and optimized for WordPress.

Their in-house WordPress experts provide specialized support, ensuring that any WordPress-related issues are quickly and efficiently resolved. This expertise is invaluable for users who may encounter complex problems or need guidance on optimizing their WordPress site.

Dreamhost’s servers are specifically optimized for WordPress, ensuring fast loading times and smooth performance. This optimization is crucial for maintaining a good user experience and can positively impact search engine rankings.

The managed WordPress options offered by Dreamhost, such as automated backups and custom caching, add convenience and peace of mind. These features allow users to focus on content creation and business growth, knowing that the technical aspects of their site are being handled by experts.

Dreamhost Pricing

  • WordPress Basic: $2.59/month (Paid $93.24 for the first 36 months, then $5.99/month upon renewal)
  • DreamPress: $11.99/month (Paid $143.88 for the first 12 months, then $19.99/month upon renewal)
  • VPS WordPress: $10.00/month (Paid $360 for the first 36 months, then $12.99/month upon renewal)
DreamHost Pricing

3. Bluehost – Top Tier WordPress Provider


Key Features:

  • Recommended by WordPress.org
  • Free Domain for 1st Year
  • Managed WordPress
  • Free SSL for 1st Year
  • Daily Website Backups

Bluehost offers a range of WordPress hosting plans, starting at $1.99 per month, designed to cater to various needs, from simple blogs to complex business sites. Their long-standing recommendation by WordPress since 2005 highlights their expertise and commitment to providing quality WordPress hosting.

The free domain for the first year is a significant cost-saving feature, particularly for new WordPress website owners. This offering makes the initial setup process more affordable and streamlined.

Bluehost’s managed WordPress feature ensures that sites are automatically updated, optimized, and secured. This management is crucial for maintaining the health and performance of a WordPress site, especially for users who may not have the time or technical expertise to handle these aspects themselves.

The inclusion of a free SSL certificate for the first year enhances website security and is essential for building trust with visitors. SSL certificates are also a ranking factor for search engines, making this feature beneficial for SEO.

Bluehost’s commitment to providing daily website backups ensures that website data is regularly saved and can be quickly restored in case of data loss or corruption. This backup service is an essential safety net for WordPress website owners.

Bluehost Pricing

  • Basic: $4.95/month (Paid $178.20 for the first 36 months, then $11.99/month regular)
  • Choice Plus: $5.45/month (Paid $268.20 for the first 36 months, then $21.99/month regular)
  • Online Store: $9.95/month (Paid $466.20 for the first 36 months, then $26.99/month regular)
  • Pro: $1.95/month (Paid $682.20 for the first 36 months, then $28.99/month regular)
Bluehost Pricing

According to BuiltWith, Bluehost is used by over 4.4 million websites, with 2.1 million currently live websites.

4. HostGator – Easy and Secure WordPress Hosting


Key Features:

  • Free Domain for 1st Year
  • Malware Scanning
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • WordPress Pre-installed
  • Daily Website Back Up

HostGator’s WordPress hosting plans are designed for ease of use and security, with the Baby Plan starting at $4.50 per month. This plan allows hosting for up to two websites, making it a versatile option for users with multiple sites.

The inclusion of a free domain for the first year with HostGator’s plans reduces the initial costs and simplifies the process of starting a new WordPress website. This feature is particularly beneficial for new site owners who are looking to establish an online presence quickly and affordably.

HostGator’s emphasis on security is evident in features like malware scanning and Cloudflare CDN. These features protect websites from various online threats and improve site performance by optimizing content delivery.

The convenience of having WordPress pre-installed cannot be overstated. It allows users to bypass the technical setup process and jump straight into designing and managing their website.

HostGator’s higher-tier plans offer additional features like daily website backups and domain privacy. These features provide an extra layer of security and privacy, safeguarding website data and protecting the personal information of the website owner.

HostGator Pricing

  • Baby Plan: $4.50/month (Paid $162 for the first 36 months, then $14.99/month regular)
  • Business Plan: $6.25/month (Paid $225 for the first 36 months, then $19.99/month regular)
  • Pro Plan: $13.95/month (Paid $502.20 for the first 36 months, then $26.99/month regular)
HostGator Pricing

According to the “HostGator Usage Statistics” website, there are 2,128,667 websites using HostGator, with 799,051 currently live websites. HostGator has a market share of 26.79% in the WordPress hosting market, competing with 8 competitor tools in the category.

5. SiteGround – Fast and Secure Managed WordPress Hosting


Key Features:

  • Free WP Installation and Migrator
  • Daily Backup
  • Free CDN and SSL
  • Enhanced Security
  • Managed WordPress

SiteGround‘s managed WordPress hosting plans start at $2.99 per month, offering a balance of affordability, performance, and security. Their StartUp plan is an excellent choice for new websites or small businesses, providing essential features at a competitive price.

SiteGround simplifies the process of starting or transferring a WordPress site with free WP installation and migration tools. This ease of setup is a significant advantage for users who may not have technical expertise or those looking to switch the web hosting provider without hassle.

The daily backups and free CDN and SSL certificates included in SiteGround’s plans are crucial for website security and performance. Regular backups ensure that website data is safe and can be restored in case of any issues, while CDN and SSL certificates improve website loading times and security.

SiteGround’s enhanced security measures protect websites from common online threats, providing peace of mind to website owners. Their commitment to managed WordPress hosting means that they handle technical maintenance and updates, allowing users to focus on content creation and business activities.

SiteGround Pricing

  • StartUp: $2.99/month (Paid $35.88 for the first 12 months, then $17.99/month regular)
  • GrowBig: $4.99/month (Paid $59.88 for the first 12 months, then $29.99/month regular)
  • GoGeek: $7.99/month (Paid $95.88 for the first 12 months, then $44.99/month regular)
SiteGround Pricing

SiteGround’s focus on renewable energy and environmental sustainability is an added benefit, appealing to eco-conscious website owners who prioritize green hosting solutions.

Bottom Line

It’s clear that finding the best cheap WordPress hosting services is about striking a balance. Affordable hosting can indeed come with robust features, reliable performance, and excellent customer support. Each of the providers we’ve discussed offers a unique blend of these qualities, catering to different needs and preferences:

  1. Hostinger – Affordable and Reliable WordPress Hosting Provider
  2. Dreamhost – Officially Recommended by WordPress
  3. Bluehost – Top Tier WordPress Provider
  4. HostGator – Easy and Secure WordPress Hosting Provider
  5. SiteGround – Fast and Secure Managed WordPress Hosting

Whether you’re a blogger, small business owner, or a startup, there’s a cheap hosting solution out there that fits your budget without compromising on the essentials.

Remember, the best choice for you depends on your specific requirements – from the type of website you’re running to the level of traffic you anticipate. Investing in the right affordable WordPress hosting is a step towards ensuring a strong online presence. It supports your website’s growth and lets you allocate resources to other essential aspects of your business or project.

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