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If You’re Using Beaver Builder Lite, You Need the Beaver Builder Addons By WPZOOM

Beaver Builder Addons By WPZOOM

Hey there, I’m Ben, and I’m a guest author here at WPZOOM. Today I thought I’d share with you my experience of one of their rather awesome plugins, in my opinion one of the best Beaver Builder Addons.

I know the team at WPZOOM are big fans of Beaver Builder, why not? It’s a great page builder with an excellent feature set; chances are if you’re using it, you’ll more than likely agree with me. How do I know WPZOOM are big fans of Beaver Builder?

Well, aside from the team chat on Slack, extolling Beaver Builders virtues, there’s a rather nifty plugin built by them. Guess what? It’s free.

Interested? I thought so.

Beaver Builder Addons By WPZOOM

I’ve had a good old fashioned play around with the Beaver Builder Addons, and I have to say it’s well worth adding to your install of Beaver Builder Lite, it’s packed with useful modules. I think you’re going to love it.

So what addons are available?

Glad you asked, there’s plenty on offer, let’s take a quick look through each one.

Slideshow module

I had a good play around with this, and the output looks fantastic. You can go for custom slides, upload an image, give it a description and a link etc., or you can use WordPress posts. Yes, WordPress posts.

Using the same filter system as the posts module, you can narrow down your post criteria, hide specific blog posts, and more besides.

Slider Module
Slider Module
  • Choose a post limit (how many to display in the slider).
  • Hide or show the excerpt, show, or hide the read more button.
  • Add a background color for your slide, an overlay, change the title color, content color, and button color.
  • Filter through posts you’d like to display with criteria you define, even exclude the current blog post (if you’re using it in post content).

This is relatively a new module in the plugin, and it was created specifically for the travel theme Derive. You can see the Slideshow module in action on Derive theme demo.

Another great feature in this module is the height options, which can easily allow you to create a fullscreen slideshow on any page:

Fullscreen Slideshow in Beaver Builder

WooCommerce module

If you’re running an online store and would like to add products to posts or pages or display specific products, this module has you covered. 

Here you can choose the layout i.e., the number of columns you’d like to view along with how many products to show. Want to show products from a specific category?

You can, show the price, hide the price, hide the add to cart button or show it. It’s a great way to add products to a blog post or a page, and of course, encourage sales!

WooCommerce module
  • Lots of options from showing only featured products, order them by sales, price, date, or random.
  • Hide or show the price.
  • Hide or show the add to cart button.

The Button module

There’s already a button in Beaver Builder, and this one is different. With more options available! The video lightbox function is fantastic, and a great way to show off a video at the click of a button.

Video Lightbox in the Button module
  • Video lightbox support, load a Youtube/Video, or a self-hosted video on click.
  • Four preset styles for your button, flat, gradient, transparent, and 3D.

You can view the Video Lightbox feature from the Button module in action on the Inspiro Video demo.

Clients module

Have some previous work you’d like to showcase in an easy to use format? Well, the clients’ module is for you. Here you can add images or logos of clients you’ve worked with previously.

Clients Module (Logo Slider)
  • Auto-play, the slider settings, choose either fade effect or slide.
  • Set length of time between slide transitions.
  • Show arrows/dots, change the color of them to keep within your design aesthetic.
  • Add an image, link the image to a post or URL, open in a new window or the same one.

Food menu module

Those of you who run a restaurant or work in the food industry, you’re going to love this module. Here you can create your very own food menu, add images, the title of the dish, add a description, and a price.

Food menu module
Food menu module
  • Choose the typography for your food menu.
  • Choose image alignment, left, right, top, bottom. (Great if you have tasty images of your dishes)
  • Choose the background color of your food menu, title color, and more.
  • Show a button to link to a more in-depth post/page about your menu or hide it completely.

A live preview of this module can be viewed in Delicio theme demo.

Heading module

This module adds a bit of flair to the traditional boring old header. Here you can set your title and a description, and a separator. Show an icon, display an image; the choice is yours.

Heading module
  • Use an icon in between the separator line.
  • Choose a style, from solid, dashed, dotted, and double.
  • Set link thickness and change the color.
  • Use an image instead of an icon, or choose nothing.

Image grid module

Pepper a few images in with this module. Add the photos you’d like to display, give it a title or leave it blank, rinse, and repeat you have an image grid. You can even choose the accent color applied to the base of the image.

Image Grid module

Image box

Another great module by the WPZOOM team, this one lets you add an image a title, subheading, a description, and a call to action in one hit.
A great way to add a strong call to action or highlight an offer you may have. Sleek imagery and a strong message, that’s all you need. 

Image Box module
  • Choose the HTML header tag.
  • Typography choices, change the style, size, and more.
  • Background overlay effects, set opacity, etc.
  • Button style, add an icon and change the hover color for the button—roundness of button, etc.

Looking for a live preview? See it here.

Map module

Easy this one, if you’d like to add a Google Map to your about page or contact us page, you can. Just enter the address details, and you’re good to go.

Google map module
Google map module

Posts module

If you like granular control over how your posts are displayed, this module gives you just that. Choose how many blog posts you’d like to show, choose from load more, numbered pagination, scroll to view more or no pagination.

You can even create a filter to choose specific blog posts, show all in a specified category, and add exceptions.

Posts module
Posts module
  • Display or hide specific meta from the frontend.
  • Advanced filtering for posts.
  • Color options for background of post content, links, text, and more.
  • Set the HTML title tag for all posts in the layout.
  • + More besides!

Team members module

Nothing says you’re a professional company more than a team section. Here you can add an image of a member of your team, enter their name, title, and add a description of what it is they do/offer.

Team members module
Team members module
  • Change the typography of the team section, title, role in the company, and description along with text color.
  • Set the number of team members you’d like to show, and the number of columns you’d like display.

Testimonials module

Showing positive feedback is a great way to highlight your offering. WPZOOM knows that that’s why you have the testimonials module.

Here you can display feedback from happy customers in a slide show format. Add the testimonial text, an avatar source image, name and the company they work for and let your feedback do the talking.

Testimonials module
Testimonials module
  • Change the alignment of the testimonial content.
  • Change the avatar image size.
  • Slider settings, auto-play, change the delay in seconds, and the transition effect.
  • Show or hide the navigation arrows, the color, and show or hide the dots (as well as changing the color).

Spacer gaps and simple separators

Those are the last two modules available in the Beaver Builder Addons, not the name of a European dance band.

The spacer module lets you add some spacing between a section or image or wherever you need to make some space. The simple separators module lets you add a line, choose from solid, dashed, dotted, and double. You can alter the thickness and color you desire as well.

Do you need the premium version of Beaver Builder to run the addons?

Short answer no. The free version will suffice. If you’d like to get more out of Beaver Builder, the team always recommend you upgrade to the premium version, and it’s an excellent plugin and worth the investment.

If you’re using the Beaver Builder Lite version, WPZOOM’s plugin is more worth its weight in gold. The addon works very well with WPZOOM’s range of sleek WordPress themes.

Whether it’s adding testimonials to a post, clients you’ve worked with to a page or using your fantastic imagery in a slider. Hell, even adding WooCommerce products to a blog post or page, the Beaver Builder Addons plugin is a perfect fit for your needs.

Plus, it’s free.

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  • Really like how this is written. No nonsense and to the point! Definitely checking this out. :)

  • Great to see these new modules with a fresh approach from a fantastic team!

    • The team have listened to what people want, and are doing their level best to add more features. I’ll pass this on and thanks for leaving a comment Puneet.

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