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Social Icons Widget PRO Released!

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When we released the free version of our Social Icons Widget plugin 6 years ago, we had no idea that it will become one of the most popular plugins for WordPress.

Used on more than 140.000 websites and with more than 1 million downloads, there’s no doubt that this one of the most preferred plugins to add social icons on a website.

Lately, we noticed that we’re way too involved in the development of this plugin, and the release of a PRO version became inevitable.

So, today we’re happy to announce the PRO version of the plugin – Social Icons Widget PRO.

What’s new in the PRO version?

While the free version of the plugin already includes many premium-like features, we’ve been asked numerous times to implement a method of uploading custom icons over the years.

To sum it up, the initial release of the PRO version includes the following features:

  • Custom Icons Upload (SVG)
  • Create your own custom icon set
  • Load icons in SVG format

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Upload Custom Icons

Even though the free version of the plugin bundles several icon sets with dozens of icons, sometimes they weren’t enough. Especially if you need a custom icon.

Now, with the PRO version, you can easily upload your icons to the Settings page of the plugin. You can also generate a new icon set that will be available for use in the widget.

There are many popular websites such as where you can find icons for almost any brand. Simply download the needed icon in the SVG format and you are ready to go!

Improved Performance with inline SVG

The free version of the plugin includes font icons that are fully loaded regardless of how many icons you display in a widget. This is why we decided to make improvements to the way the icons load in the PRO version.

In the PRO version, unlike the free version, icons are loaded in the SVG format.  This means that the plugin will no longer load enormous fonts with hundreds of icons which may affect the website’s performance.

We’ve set up a demo site for the PRO version so you can easily run a PageSpeed test and see that the plugin doesn’t have any impact at all on the website’s loading speed.

What’s Next?

With the initial v1.0 release Social Icons Widget PRO, our goal was to integrate the plugin with new features. We’re also eager to help users achieve things that weren’t possible with the free version.

Now you have more control over your icons and you’re one step closer to getting your website’s PageSpeed score in the 90/100 range.

We’re working already on other new features for the PRO version which will be available soon!

Here is what you can expect in the upcoming releases:

  • Add Icons in Menus
  • Icon Shortcodes
  • Followers Counter

Ready to upgrade?

Upgrading to the PRO version is simple. Regardless of whether you’ve used the free version before or not, after purchasing the PRO version you’ll get a new version of the plugin. You can easily download and install it in the WordPress Dashboard.

Get Social Icons Widget PRO!

Bonus: by installing the PRO version, all widgets with social icons created previously using the free version will be automatically converted to the new SVG format. This means that you will not lose anything and your website’s speed will get a significant boost.

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