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Major Theme Update: Venture 2.0

We have big news for everyone using Venture theme or planned to buy it! The theme has undergone a major re-design along with many new features and improvements.

Venture 2.0

What’s new:

  • Major improvements to design
  • WordPress Customizer Integration
  • New Homepage Layout
  • Improved Responsive Design
  • New Testimonial Slider Widget
  • New SubPages Widget
  • More features can be found on the theme’s page

So, let’s see what has changed:

New Homepage Layout

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the homepage layout in old and new version:


As you can see, we’ve made significant improvements to the use of white space, and in the new update it’s much easier to scan the content vertically. There are also a few new widgets that we’ve created especially for homepage: Latest Projects, Testimonial Slider, Sub-Pages.

Easier Customization

In the new version we’ve moved all the styling options to the WordPress Customizer for a easier and faster set up. Now you can change the logo, fonts, colors, background and even widgets from one page and see your changes live before saving them.


New Sub-Pages Widget

A useful widget that can be used on homepage to display subpages from a specific page. In this way you can create your own business directory, list of team members and much more.



The testimonials integration allows to display a nice slider on homepage showing a specific number of testimonials. You can also create a separate page showing all your testimonials. View it live here.


Better Mobile Experience


We’ve made major improvements to the responsive design too. In this update we have improved the mobile navigation, by adding a sliding menu which can be easily used:


The new update is available for all existing customers, and you can download it in Members area.

Check more information about Venture 2.0 or take a look at the live demo.

Feel free to let us know what you think about this update in the comments below!

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  • Hi pavel

    This is just what i was waiting for… gonna get my webpage even a bit more optimized now..that you mention it..

    Im glad that you made this theme useful for all themes rather than just for wpzoom
    I just hope you modify rules to give lifetime support when user buys a wp zoom theme

    Thanks for this useful post

  • the demo is pretty impressive. I love it.