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How This WordPress Agency Uses WPZOOM Themes for Happy Clients

Hello! This is the latest in our case study series, where we talk to WPZOOM users using our themes in interesting and inspiring real-world environments.

Today we’re talking with John from Egg Design, a web design company based in Killarney, Ireland. As you’ll hear, John builds results-focused WordPress websites for clients, and he uses WPZOOM themes to do it.

Presence theme

We were especially interested in talking to John as he makes extensive use of our Presence theme. Presence is our multipurpose WordPress theme, and it comes with designs for all sorts of sites: from classic business to education, photography, agencies, portfolio, and fitness.

As John explains in our interview, it does this but without the bloat often associated with multipurpose themes.

Thanks for taking the time, John! Please enjoy the interview below :)

WPZOOM: Thanks for joining us! Can you tell us a bit about what you do?

John: I run a small web design company in Ireland called Egg Design. We specialise in custom designed, WordPress based website and online shops using WooCommerce. Also, we provide WordPress support and maintenance plans for our clients and anyone else who runs or owns a WordPress site. Our focus is on clean, usable websites that convert.

WPZ: You use the Presence theme a lot; what attracted you to the theme?

John: I love how it’s coded and how easy it is to manipulate and modify. I found applying any designs I make in photoshop a breeze at this stage and I can pretty much create anything with this theme using just HTML/CSS editing and some minor tweaks to the theme settings. I rarely have found any compatibility issues with the theme also unlike many other bloated, badly coded themes I’ve come across.

Egg Design has a very rich portfolio of WordPress websites

WPZ: Which of the sites you’ve built with Presence are you most proud of? Can you tell us a bit about it?

John: All of them! :) These ones I like in particular though:

Active Me: This required a massive import of guides (nearly 20,000!) into the new site that I built using Presence theme. The old site was a mess so I was surprised how well they ported over. We also wanted to keep it as clean and user-friendly as possible. On top of that, there are quite a few plugins used and we didn’t have any issues with compatibility and the Presence theme.

UL Student Life: As above, we wanted a fast, clean and easy to use theme and Presence fitted this bill perfectly.

Celtic Steps: This was quite a challenging design as the client was very specific about what they wanted. Again I found applying the design to the presence theme a breeze compared to working with other, cumbersome themes. I just love its lightweight, easy to customise setup. I can apply anything design I want to it and it just works.

WPZ: You’re a Certified Consultant from WPElevation! How has that changed your business?

John: Well it has helped me put processes in place and get a bit more organised. It’s also great for having a structure in place from when you get an inquiry on your website right up until the launch of the website, and beyond. It’s basically a blueprint that works on how to have a successful WordPress consulting business. A step by step if you will. It’s quite an investment but worth it I think if it means freeing up your time, avoiding time wasters and getting better clients as well as providing more value to your clients and a more professional product or service.

Presence theme

WPZ: Any tips for WordPress developers making their start?

John: Learn as much as you can online, either YouTube tutorials or join a group online and ask lots of questions. Also experiment, break things! Find out how WordPress works inside out and become proficient at CSS/HTML. A little bit of PHP knowledge if good too if you want to customise stuff. Also get a good clean theme that you can style up, like the Presence theme! :)

Thanks again, John! It’s always great to read about WPZOOM customers getting value from our themes on their client projects. You can see Egg Design here, and take advantage of Presence on your client projects, or take a look at our All Themes Package to get you all WPZOOM themes to choose from, for your clients.

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