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Balance – Instagram Bar in the Footer

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Balance includes a full-width widgetized area in the footer called Instagram Bar.

In this area you can place the Instagram widget which you can get by installing our free plugin Instagram Widget by WPZOOM

1. Install the Instagram widget by WPZOOM plugin (From Plugins > Add New page)

2. Activate the plugin and connect it with your Instagram account in Settings > Instagram Widget page:

3. Go to the Widgets page and add the Instagram Widget by WPZOOM widget in the Instagram Bar area:

4. In order for the Instagram bar to fill entire width with images, we recommend increasing the number of images to something like 14-20 and the Image size to 240px or larger:

Balance – Setting up the Homepage

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By default, WordPress displays your latest blog posts on the homepage.

In order to change that, you will have to create a new page and assign it as your homepage.

Thanks to the Beaver Builder integration, you can build easily any kind of layout with custom sections on your front page.

1. Create the front page & choose the right Page Template

The theme includes a special Page Templates which you have to use for your front page in order to get the slideshow at the top:

– Homepage (Page Builder)

You can find more details about the slideshow here.

First, create a new page or edit an existing page (e.g. your current static page) and make sure to select the right Page Template:

Additional details and instructions for the homepage when the Page Builder template is selected can be found here.

2. Assign the new page as your Front Page

Once you’ve published or edited the page you want to use as your front page, go to Settings > Reading page and select your page in the option: “A static page > Homepage“:

3. Start building!

Now that the right page with the right template is assigned as your front page, you can proceed on configuring the top slideshow or the sections below it.

The Slideshow at the top is a part of the theme, so it can’t be edited using the Page Builder.

You can find details to add images and videos in the Slideshow in this article.

If you want to use a different slideshow at the top and replace the one from the theme, you will need to use a different page template, like “Full-width (Page Builder)”.

If you selected to built your homepage using the Page Builder, go back to edit that page, and click on the blue button “Launch Beaver Builder“:

If you don’t see this block or the button available, probably the Beaver Builder plugin is not installed or active on your website.

Additional instructions and tutorials can be found in Beaver Builder support guides.

In this article you can find some useful instructions about the Page Builder integration in Balance theme.

Balance – Beaver Builder Integration

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Some information from this article may refer to our Inspiro theme, but the instructions are actual for Balance theme too.

Recently, we’ve replaced the recommended page builder in some of our themes from Unyson to Beaver Builder. You can read more about this on our blog.
If you prefer to use Unsyon, please see instructions here.

Using Beaver Builder

After the installation of Balance theme, you will be asked to install and activate recommended plugins.

Two of the recommended plugins are:

Beaver Builder (Lite)
WPZOOM Addons for Beaver Builder

Once you will have both these plugins installed, you will be able quickly to load layouts from the demo of Balance or create your own page layouts.

If you haven’t used Beaver Builder before, we recommend you to start here.

How to load Demo Templates in Beaver Builder?

When you create or edit a page, you will see a block called Beaver Builder where you can launch the builder:

Clicking that blue button, you will open the front-end page builder.

Video: Getting Started with Beaver Builder

If you want to quickly load pre-built templates for Balance, click on the Templates area:

Quickly insert in pages pre-built templates

If you use a premium version of Beaver Builder, then you will need to select the Balance group to see these templates:

If you want more templates and content templates, consider upgrading to Beaver Builder Standard ($99):

Use the right Page Template

In order to get the best results, make sure to set the correct Page Templates to pages you create using the Beaver Builder:

Important Notice

  1. In order to display the slideshow at the top, select the Homepage (Page Builder) page template for the page that you’ll set as Front Page
  2. To set a page you’ve created as front page, go to Settings > Reading and select in the Front Page dropdown.

    How to add Widgets & Shortcodes in Beaver Builder

    One thing that we like about Beaver Builder is that it’s not limited to a specific number of modules that you can use in your pages. Beaver Builder allows you to use any existing WordPress widgets and shortcodes you want!

    You can find the widgets in the WordPress Widgets group from Modules:

    Shortcodes can be inserted in a simple Text Editor module:

    In the above example we use the WooCommerce Shortcodes to display our most popular products. This shortcode includes many options and parameters, so make sure to check the documentation if you want to display your products.

    Recommended links

    Beaver Builder Documentation
    Beaver Builder Video Tutorials (premium)

    Balance – FAQ

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    How do I change summary content (Excerpt) for a post?

    On editing page of a post, look for a field called Excerpt. You can add here summaries for your posts each time you want to adjust manually the length of text which appears in Slider, Recent Articles, Post Archives or when you simply want to have a different text than the automatically picked excerpt.

    How can I change the number of posts on homepage?

    1. Go to Settings > Reading
    2. Find Blog pages show at most option, and change the number of posts.

    Balance – Configure Widgets

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    To add widgets in the widgetized location, like Sidebar, you’d need to access Appearance -> Widgets menu, and drag widgets to your Sidebar to activate them.

    Widgets Structure in Demo