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Customization F.A.Q.

  • Can I customize a WPZOOM Theme?

    In short: Yes!
    Our themes are designed to look and work great out of the box, like you see them in the demo. Your theme download package contains all the CSS and WordPress template files, therefore the customization possibilities are endless.
  • How do I customize my theme?

    Things like the ability to upload your own custom logo, background, fonts and colors, can be changed easily from the Theme Options, without having to touch the code of your theme. Beside available styling options, you can customize specific elements from your theme via CSS.
  • Does WPZOOM help with customization requests?

    If you are requesting customization help which only requires us to publish a couple lines of code (typically through CSS), we will be glad to assist you.
    If however you need a more extensive customization or a different WordPress Service that is not covered by our Support Policy we can provide that service for you for an additional charge.
    More information can be found on WordPress Services page.
  • Which customization requests are considered extensive?

    Sometimes our clients ask us for complex modifications of a specific theme, which unfortunately we don’t cover under our Support Policy, and we refer to them as extensive customizations. Such customizations may be: adding a new color scheme to the theme, adding a slider from another theme, including a feature that is not included in the theme.
  • How do I edit a file from my theme?

    You can edit files from your theme via Appearance > Editor menu. Some of the files which are included in sub-folders in our themes are not visible under Editor, so you’ll need to edit them through a 3rd party plugin, like WPIde, for example.

Common Customization Requests

  • How do I change the background?

    The theme background color and image can be changed within the Appearance > Background menu for all of our themes.
  • How do I upload my own logo image?

    You can upload a logo in your options panel under Theme Settings > Logo Image.
  • How do I remove the footer credits to WPZOOM?

    You are not required to provide any credit or links back to WPZOOM, although we do appreciate it. Our themes do not contain any encrypted code, so removing the links is an easy process. The line with with WPZOOM logo is included in the footer.php file of your theme.
  • How do I change link colors, text colors and fonts in a theme?

    Many of our themes contain a Styling section in options panel, through which you can change the styling for different elements, like links, post headings, widget title, content text, and others.
  • How do I hide an element in the theme?

    Easiest way to hide something unnecessary from your theme, is to hide it via CSS.
    For example, if your theme has a search form in the header, and you don’t need it, you’ll have to find the CSS selector for it, and then add display:none; to this selector in custom.css file:
    #searchform { display:none; }
  • Why can’t I see the changes after modifying my theme?

    If you have made some changes on your website, such as CSS rules, make sure that you edit the file on your live website, and not just on your hard drive. Also, try refreshing/clearing your browser’s cache. In most browsers this can be done by hitting CTRL (CMD) +R.
    If changes are still not visible, make sure that you turned off your caching plug-in, if you are using one (examples of such plugins are WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache).