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  • Pavel Ciorici Dumitru Brinzan Nicolae Vartolomei
    Chisinau, Moldova
  • James Dimick
    Olympia, Washington, USA
  • Alex Denning
    London, England
  • Katelyn Maguire
    Malang, Indonesia
  • Marko Nikolic
    Belgrade, Serbia

Our Story

WPZOOM is a web-studio located in Chisinau, Moldova, specialized in creating themes for WordPress. Our website was launched in April 2008, and first WPZOOM Theme was released in February 2009. After a short time Dumitru Brinzan joined the team, and the project changed direction from a simple blog to an important WordPress theme development service.

During last 4 years we developed more than 70 themes, retired about 15 of them, and now we have about 55 themes in our collection, which are used on thousands of websites. We don't stop here and plan to continue developing new themes and updating existing ones with new features and improvements.

Meet the Team