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What’s new in ZOOM Builder 1.1.0

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zoombuilder-11A month ago we’ve released our first plugin ZOOM Builder, and as we promised we already started to add new features with every new update.
The new 1.1.0 version includes new features, bug fixes and considerable performance improvements, especially in pages with complex layouts that include many widgets.
Full changelog can be found on this page.

Import/Export Saved Layouts

The new version 1.1.0 adds a useful feature which was requested by several customers, and allows you to export or import saved page layouts. This can be helpful when you build a site on local server and later you want to move it to your live site.


More Columns

When we first released the builder, it was limited to 3 columns per row, but after several requests from our customers we learned that 3 is not enough to build complex pages, so we increased that number to a maximum of 5 columns instead.


That’s all for the new version, and now we are back to working on other great features that will be available in future versions like front-end builder, builder shortcodes, just to name a few.

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