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Yamidoo Magazine v 1.2. Released

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Been a long time since we haven’t updated our most popular theme – Yamidoo Magazine, so we decided that new features should be added to this theme, to improve its performance.
And here goes the list of what has been modified or added:

Yamidoo Magazine Theme
    1. A new Full-Width Slider

    Previous slider wasn’t very easy to use and many times conflicted with third-party lightbox plugins. The new one is very flexible and easy to modify as you want. You can also disable it from Theme Options Page.

    2. Thumbs, thumbs, thumbs…

    Another problem for many of our customers is now solved! No more custom fields needed for article to create thumbnails.
    Since WordPress 2.9 has been released, we have implemented the great feature called “Post Thumbnails“, which allows you to upload any image and use it as thumbnail, even without having it in the content.

    Also we implemented another feature, that will pull the first image from articles content to be used as thumbnails, for articles that don’t have a “Post Thumbnail”.
    But we haven’t forgotten about those who were using custom fields in previous version of Yamidoo to create thumbs. If your website contain articles without images or Post Thumbnail, then the assigned custom field will be used.

    3. “the_content_limit” function was replaced with “the_excerpt”

    In previous version we were using “the_content_limit” to limit the length of text appearing on homepage, in places like: featured slider, featured categories. But now we replaced it with the “the_excerpt” function, so you can manage the text appearing on homepage, adding it in the”Excerpt” box.

    4. Enlarged space for articles

    The articles area has been enlarged to 600px, so you can be able to post larger images in your articles.

    5. New features in Theme Options Page:

    Categories & Pages Excluder from Main Menu
    Category Excluder from The Loop – very useful when you want to hide and prevent duplicate posts from Featured Category on Recent Articles.
    Logo Path – you can easy upload your modified logo image.

And here is another list of minor updates in new version:

  • Added drop-down menu for Pages
  • Added a “Share on Facebook” button
  • Comments styling was changed
  • Added “Full Width” Page Template.
  • Added built-in “Flickr Widget”

(click on image to see full Options Page)

Unfortunately there’s no quick & easy way to do an automatic update to the new version. If you haven’t made any modifications to your theme files, then you can overwrite your old version. If you have made modifications (customizations) to your theme, you will need to backup firstly your old theme, and then make modifications again in the new version. You can also compare your old modified file against the updated file with any good HTML Editor or use an online tool.

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