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WPZOOM’s Specials for Christmas & New Year

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Christmas and New Year are almost here, and we, the WPZOOM Team, are ready to celebrate these holidays! As all of you know, we have the habit of offering you the greatest specials on every holiday!

And here is what we prepared for you this time:

Christmas Special

All Themes Pack for only $199

(including 11 Themes, worth more than $600)
Yes, it’s true! You can grab all our 11 themes for only $199! This means that you buy each theme for only $18!
Do you think you can resist this offer? Check again our awesome and professional themes and be sure not to miss this special!


(don’t forget to use discount code “50OFF”)

50% OFF on any licenses with coupon code: “50OFF”

If you plan on buying only a certain number of our themes, be sure to use discount code “50OFF” to pick up any of our themes for only half the price!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This offer is valid till 1st of January 2010!

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