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WPZOOM Teasers: Autumn 2010

Written by Pavel Ciorici on in Upcoming Themes, WPZOOM 30 comments

It’s summer outside for almost everyone, except us, WPZOOM, working for you on new impressive themes.
Today we want to show you teasers for three upcoming themes to be released starting with first month of autumn – September. First theme in this list is called VideoZoom, and this will be our first video-theme for WordPress:


Teaser #1: VideoZoom Theme

Next theme in the list is a magazine style theme, called CadabraPress:


Teaser #2: CadabraPress Theme

In our last teaser we present you Ali Salem’s design, which is planned to be developed into a sports-magazine theme, with some amazing features which will be revealed with the release:


Teaser #3: Sports Portal Theme, designed by Ali Salem

Hope you enjoyed our teasers, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, to be the first who learns about our newest releases.

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  • Nice work is lined up, Looks so awesome > any ETA ?

  • Please start with Video theme its look awesome

  • @Ahmed: yes, that will be our first released theme in September :)

  • Damn, they are some incredible themes! I especially adore the magazine theme. That’ll take some beating.

    What’s the expected launch date for these beauties?

  • @ Dumitru Brinzan Hey buddy come on and add new detailed teaser for this theme :-p

  • @Ahmed:
    Have some patience :)

  • this looks very good everything again, However :) if you could test this spot whether published contributions are found by Google news, with the last Themes I had there big problems

  • astrid

    Hi, I am very curious about cadabrapress .. when will it come out?
    Looks great – as far as the screenshot shows!

  • idrid

    Cadabrapress looks incredible. What’s the scheduled release date for that?

  • Looking forward to a releasedate on Cadabrapress!

  • chris

    any idea on release date for the video theme?

  • max

    i like magazine theme.thanks

  • CadabraPress Ftw!

  • The sports portal design looks particularly impressive, however, the alignment on the right and side looks a little off – no doubt it’ll look perfect in the final build!


  • geno

    Wow at Cadabrapress!!! Amazing. When will it be released?

  • Broxter

    Cadabrapress looks very nice. I have a project I can use it on right now.

  • Cadabrapress looks really interesting.Anxious for it’s release!

  • geno

    “….to be released starting with first month of autumn – September.”

    Has WP ZOOM shut down? What happened to the September release? Will Cadabrapress still be released? When?

  • @Dumitru Brinzan: The Video theme does look very interesting.
    I see it might have been released in September, but I can’t find it on the website yet. Has the release date been postponed?



  • Wow guys its more than 1 month now with no new themes :-(

  • Kilwa

    what happened guys? still waiting..

  • A new theme will be released tomorrow.

    Thanks for you patience

  • @Pavel Ciorici: Cant wait to see which one will be the first?

  • Jed

    Hope to see all three of them before I decide to purchase for our website. I love VideoZoom so hope I would have the same option of thumb grid like VZ for other two themes.

  • geno

    When is cadapress released?

  • Can’t wait for CadabraPress! We use Tribune at the moment but it’s a little formal, Cadabra looks really intriguing.

  • waiting for CadabraPress

  • Saleem

    When will CadabraPress be released?

  • Broxter

    It looks like Cadabrapress may be the most awaited theme of the year. It’s been asked repeatedly but not answered: