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WPZOOM Reloaded! New Look & New Themes

Written by Pavel Ciorici on in WPZOOM 21 comments

Today, 1st of July, after almost two months of constant work, I proudly present to you the new WPZOOM!
We have many goodies for you, so on with the new changes!


1. New Design and Sections

The old design has been replaced with a new, more flexible and intuitive layout.

We have added a couple of useful WordPress Resources:

2. New Member in the WPZOOM Team

After a couple of weeks of working on fixing/updating ZENKO Magazine and YAMIDOO Magazine for WordPress 2.7 and 2.8, Dumitru Brînzan has officially joined the WPZOOM Team.

He will be in charge of most Support requests in the new WPZOOM Forum. Besides that, Dumitru offers theme customizations for all our themes!

3. New Awesome Themes

Our portfolio of premium themes has been increased by 2 new amazing themes!

Technologic Theme

TECHNOLOGIC Theme is a very light and flexible magazine-style theme. Goes very well with gadgets, fashion, gaming and other topics.

PhotoBlog Theme

PHOTOBLOG Theme is a theme specifically designed for Photographers, Graphic Designers, Architects, etc. It comes with many features that other themes can’t offer.

4. All Themes Were Updated for WP 2.8

All 4 of our themes now fully support WordPress 2.7.1 and WordPress 2.8.

Both ZENKO Magazine and YAMIDOO Magazine have been updated with fixes for all known bugs.

5. Improved Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program is now much more attractive and a lot easier to join! Now that we have more themes in our portfolio (and even more in development), you can earn even more!

6. New Affiliate Banners

Together with a release of the new design, we have created and new banners for our affiliates to promote our themes on their websites. Check them here:

7. Celebrational Coupon Code

To share our excitement with all of you, we decided to offer this Amazing Celebrational Coupon Code!

Use CONGRATS during checkout and get 30% OFF ANY PURCHASE!
This Coupon Code is valid for only 3 days, till 4th of July 2009.

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  • I like the new WPZOOM. That carousel featuring the themes will definitely come in handy, but I’m curious how / if that will affect your pageviews. Keep up the good work!

  • Really nice ! Congrats !

  • Great work as usual, I’m hoping to give one of your themes a go soon.

    Really liking the big, blog CTA elements of this new layout – just what a CTA should be!

    ETA: And a time-limited edit button on comments…that’s awesome.

  • Great job Pavel. I was wondering why you didn’t wrote for a while, but now you answered to all my questions. Congrats.

  • I like this new look, I also like the new themes!!

  • Hi,

    I like the new look of WPZoom. I bought Zenko last week and today you released this 30% off coupon. If I knew this, I could have waited one week :(


  • Welcome back :-)

    I think your new motto needs some work:

    “We showcase the best themes around WordPress community and develop the most impressive Premium Themes”

    It seems to be grammatically wrong, I can’t put my finger on why. I think its missing ‘The’ before ‘WordPress’.

    Anyhow, can’t wait to see the new themes. Any idea if you will be going down the GPL route?

  • The redesign looks really nice. It’s cool you added more themes too.

  • quick question…..are the color element in Technologic theme customizable? for example, Can i change the Blue/Pink color to something like Green/Pink?

  • @Payam: all colors are controlled in the CSS. In just a couple of minutes you can create a whole new skin :)

  • Wonderful, that incredible Pavel.

  • Good work! I really like new wpzoom and premium themes looks really nice.

  • Really nice design. Congrats!

  • very nice, wpzoom is one of the better premium theme sites out there!

  • Nice job on the site! too bad i missed out on you discount..would have been a nice opportunity to get a dev pack :)

    Next time i hopefully won’t be on holiday :D

  • Pavel or Dumitru,

    I’m about to buy the WPZoom theme. Anyway, I can get rid of the Recent News and Featured News on top and replace that with a Featured Content Gallery plugin? I’m very familiar with the plugin so I can just extend the width to replace above accordingly.

    Let me know your thoughts and awaiting impatiently for an answer.




  • Anyone? Have an answer?

  • as soon as i know Pavel personally i want to inform you that he cant be reached by mail next 3-5 days. wait he will answer you.

  • @Marc: any of our themes can be easily modified :)