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Video blogging anyone?

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A video theme was something that we planned for a while to release. This thing was possible to achieve only with the help of a talented designer from Lithuania, who designed the theme we are releasing today.



Our new video theme is called Videozoom, and it was developed to offer the quickest way to post your own videos or videos you like on your website in a few seconds. This theme also includes a Featured Slideshow which will help you feature your favorite posts.

Will my videos play?
You shouldn’t worry about this, because this theme is ready to play any videos from all popular video sharing websites, like: YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Yahoo Video, and many others.

Even though this theme was designed as a video theme, it can be used for multiple purposes like a photo gallery, portfolio and even a traditional blog.


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  • Im happy to be the first one who comment in this new theme entry

    And i have only one word Extremely awesome theme

  • We have worked a pretty long time on it, there is some functionality that indeed makes it “extremely awesome” :)

  • they look good!

  • just bought this ;) love your themes, bought 17 of your themes so far ;)

  • Nice one. Maybe I’ll try it with my future video project.

  • Another great theme by WPZoom! Keep it up!

  • Good idea with this video theme. Looks very professional!

  • Felicitări!
    Căutam temă pentru Curaj.TV și am verificat și la voi dacă n-aveți vreo temă video. Nu era. Acum este, e bine.

  • No space for ads (300×250). Top banner ad still ’90’s size (468). What’s the point of the theme? I don’t blog for smiles. I need ad space. Sick of hacking short-sighted developers’ code.

  • @Roeg: there is no limit for the header banner. If your logo is not that wide, you can insert a wider banner without a problem.

    As for 300px banners, unfortunately we could not accommodate them in this theme, as it is a 4-columns layout.

  • Great Video Theme, however I think it would be really really great if you had some more options with the colours e.g. light background option.

  • Today is October 20. Will Cadabrapress be released today?

  • fun theme and wondefull function !!….just a little error after install : perhaps a problem with wordpress 3 : “…expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION….www/wp-content/themes/videozoom/functions/wpzoom-video.php on line 25” . An idea ? thanks

  • …an e-mail to the support, and after a few time, an answer : php5 is not enable ! thanks a lot, it’s working fine now

  • I love your video themes. Can I insert my logo anywhere in the header? I am fairly new to WordPress. I want to buy your theme but I need to make sure I can put my logo in it. Here is my address where you can see my logo. if you could just confirm this for me I will buy your theme. Thank you.


  • Hello to all, I can’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Help me please. Your blog looks good, have a good one.

  • hi i also wanted to know if you can change the header ??

  • I think I wasted my $$…well my clients. Bought the template and doesn’t work for 3.2.1 and I got the 2.6 version of this theme. Nothing shows up except the logo. No videos or anything. Cant even get the excerpt section to show up when I do a post. Do I need to downgrade again? This sux!!!

    • Hello,

      All of our current versions of our themes are for WordPress 3.3+, something that is mentioned on the theme’s page.

      I suggest that you re-download the current version of Videozoom, as well as update your WordPress version to the latest (3.3.1 at the moment of this comment).

      If you still have issues with it for some reason, please use our support forum, where help is provided:


      • I got that fixed but have a couple questions but I’m getting no luck getting ANY support. Yes I’ve posted in the forum but still no luck, responses, etc. This is really becoming a HUGE pain!!!! I really liked this theme too