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PRO version of Yamidoo Magazine Theme Released

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We mentioned many times about how popular our Yamidoo Magazine Theme is, even if it was released more than a year ago. Time passed, and a lot of our customers were asking for new features to be included in this theme. And here is what we decided: to launch a new version of this theme, separate from the original version.

Yamidoo PRO Magazine
Yamidoo PRO


The new theme is called Yamidoo PRO Magazine, and besides the original version, this one has a more professional look, and some new features like:

  • Flexible Layout, that can be easily changed from a Magazine Style to a Standard Blog, or even to a Business Website.
  • Twitter Integration
  • Contact Widget in the Footer
  • For more detailed features visit theme’s page

The new feature “Post Thumbnail” is fully supported by this theme, and this means that you should install the theme on WordPress 2.9+ if you want it to work properly.

We need your Feedback!

As this theme has been built wit your requests in mind, we really want to know your opinion, and we would like to hear what do you like in this theme, and what would you like to be added in future updates?

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  • Nice design

    I dont see any value of rss and twitter icons in top right

    You already add twitter feeds after featured section
    The slider is kinda cute design
    in the second featured section i prefer putting border between the sections
    Overall nice design

  • @Ahmed, thanks for you suggestions. The box with latest tweet can be hidden from homepage, and many may prefer to have only icon next to main menu. The same applies for single articles, where the box with latest tweet is not showing.

  • Oh this Explain the Matter :-p

  • Hi,

    is the Theme with automatic Thumbnails, for contributions as well as Slider? Must the picture be at least as big for the Slider or can the picture be also smaller and is automatically adapted then?


  • @Ronny: Yes, thumbnails are automatically generated from first image of article, or you can specify using Post Thumbnails feature which image you want to display as a thumb. Recommended size for pictures from Slider is 520 x 280px, but if it’s smaller, then it will be adapted to slider.

  • This looks great!

    Nice refreshment over Yamidoo Mag, which was already very well done.

    Are you going to offer upgrade pricing for Yamidoo magazine purchasers (just bought second week of March 2010)?

    Meanwhile, thanks for continuing to come out with better and better themes.

  • @Scott: We have right now a coupon code of 30% off for this theme. Use it at checkout: “PROVERSION”.

  • I appreciate the quick reply. How long does the coupon last? Also, does this apply only to the single license version? I’m not a developer but can see wanting to use this for multiple blog sites. Thanks!

  • @Scott: The coupon will expire on March 31, 11.59 pm.

    If you plan to buy Developer license via PayPal, use coupon: PROVERSION2, for payment via Credit Card, the coupon is the same as for Single: PROVERSION

  • I love the Yamidoo Pro theme, looks very nice!

    Any chance Yamidoo (original) owners can get a free upgrade to this awesome theme?

  • @Matthew Tommasi: As I said in this post’s content, this is a separate theme from Yamidoo Magazine, and all what we can offer is a discount of 30% off.

  • I love new color scheme… and gradient effect make PRO Yamidoo more unique

  • Nice theme but I do agree with Ahmed, a borderline between the sections would be better. Or can we have an option no to put this second featured section?

  • I love the new template, but I am wondering if the main featured section will work with videos and if there is a widget to add ads. If so I am sold.


  • I am considering buying either Yamidoo or Yamidoo Pro. Prefer the latter overall, but don’t like the 4 run-together photos in the featured categories. I have the same question as earlier postings: is there a way to show them separate images as in the original Yamidoo?

  • @AKPIX: Yes, it is possible to separate images as in original version. Just feel free to ask about this on our Support Forum, and I’ll explain you.

  • Love this template. If I buy it will it also be upgradable to WP3.0?

  • @Mini: Sure it will be. Once WP 3.0 will be released officially, we will update our theme to be compatible with latest version of WP.

  • I tried to buy this theme using discount code you gave PROVERSION.

    e-junkie seems did not accept it as I have to say did not get the promised discount.

    Can you please fix it? I want to get it as soon as possible.

  • @Victoria: That coupon expired on 31st March. You can use another one for 15% off – “facebookfan”

  • Pavel, I did not see a response to my earlier questions? Is there a refund option if I purchase and find that it, and find out it will not work for my needs. (Although, I am hoping it will, because it is pefect!)


  • @Shalonne: Hi, slideshow doesn’t support videos. From Themes Options you can add banners in the Header and Sidebar of the theme.
    Regarding refunds, please read our Terms.

  • Three questions:
    1. How can we add the facebook fan icon next to the rss and twitter icon on the main menu?
    2. Can you make an option so that when someone clicks on the photos on the front page that it takes you to the posting rather than clicking on the actual post title.

    I have received a lot of complaints about this inability to click on the photos on the main page and the four feature article photos below the slider.

    3. When will video be available to post on the front main page in the slide show?

  • @Micro: Please use our Support Forum, and you’ll find answers to all your questions:

  • Does it allow selection of featured posts on slider? I mean I don’t want all my posts to show up on slider, is that possible?

  • @Mushegh: From Theme Options you can select a category from which you want to show Featured Posts. So you can easily create a category named “Feature” and each time you want a post to appear in the slider, simply add it to this category.

  • My client is using the pro theme and we cannot seem to get the videos to show in the slide show or posts even using the video embed box on the posts page. Any suggestions on how this can be made to work?

  • unable to get the videos to show in the slideshow area or as the image associated with a post. HELP?