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Photoblog Theme has been updated!

Written by Dumitru Brinzan on in WPZOOM 10 comments

Photoblog is an unique portfolio theme for Photographers, Graphic Designers, Architects, etc. With an intuitive layout and a fully widgetized sidebar, it offers the flexibility required in modern blogs.

The new version of Photoblog is much cleaner, has a brand new jQuery slideshow, improved unique widgets, as well as different layouts for pages and posts: now you can move the sidebar to the left or to the right for any post/page, or you can even remove it for a full-width layout.
The documentation has also been updated and improved.

What’s New?

  1. Re-coded the theme from a scratch, new xhtml/css code, better optimized;
  2. Cleaner layout;
  3. Better margins and paddings;
  4. Improved Unique Widgets;
  5. New jQuery slider for the featured content
  6. Page templates that allow you to assign a different layout to every page/post
  7. Integrated social icons, a plug-in is no longer required;
  8. New styling for the drop-down menu, much sleeker;




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  • Cool! But what about light version?

  • @Arturs: by a light version you mean a light color palette, or just less graphics / widgets / content?

  • do we have to buy this again to get the new version or will we get an email with a download link?

    i originally bought the theme through themescloset

  • @Chris
    No, you don’t have to buy it again, a free update will be sent to you shortly :)

  • i have 3 question
    is this any advertising panel exist as default in this theme?
    can we chand the model of layout of post in home page,for examplaes in 2 or 3 columns?
    and the last one is this them generate other sizes automatically?

    is there any fuul review of this theme?

  • @kamran:
    1. Yes, it has 2 default locations for advertising: in the sidebar and on post pages. You can insert your advertising code directly on the Theme Options Page in the Dashboard.

    2. You can customize the theme as much as you please.

    3. Yes, the theme automatically generates all necessary sizes.

  • thanks for you answers
    i have another question
    i want to upload my pictures in a diffrent host,i mean i dont want to upload theme in host that i installed wordpress
    is there any problme to addressing post ? or can i post theme with full address in url spot?
    like :
    do you get my point?

  • In that case the automatic thumbnails script will not work properly.
    In order to resize the images dynamically, it needs the images to be located on the same domain as the WordPress installation.

  • I want to buy this Photoblog theme. Can it available now.. please let me know i want this theme only..