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Our Themes Smell of Fresh Updates

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Last three weeks both me & Dumitru worked very intense on fixing and improving all our themes to new standards, in step with latest releases of WordPress. And this means that all our themes are now more flexible, customizable and easier to install.

And here are some of the more important improvements that can be found in latest updates of our themes:

    Improved Theme Options Pages with additional features, like:
  • Pages & Categories Excluder
  • Categories Excluder from the Loop
    Added Post Thumbnail support
    We integrated this awesome feature in almost all of our themes, except those that don’t really need it: Photoland, Sensor, Photoblog.
    One-click theme install

    Since many things changed in WordPress, we are trying to keep up with these changes, so now all our themes can be installed directly from the WordPress Dashboard, uploading the .zip file of each theme, without having to upload it manually through a FTP Client as before.

Unfortunately there’s no quick & easy way to do an automatic update to the new version. If you haven’t made any modifications to your theme files, then you can overwrite your old version. If you have made modifications (customizations) to your theme, you will need to backup firstly your old theme, and then make modifications again in the new version. You can also compare your old modified file against the updated file with any good HTML Editor or use an online tool.

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