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New Freebie: WPZOOM Developer Icon Set (154 free icons)

Written by Pavel Ciorici on in WPZOOM 107 comments

Several months ago we launched our first set of icons. Enjoying the success of that set, we decided to continue working with designer David Ferreira to offer you another great set of free icons.

Considering that first set contained social icons, we decided that the second one should be a set for developers, especially for applications development. So, please meet our new icon set: WPZOOM Developer Icon Set, a free set of 154 nicely designed icons.

WPZOOM Developer Icon Set

WPZOOM Developer Icon Set

Each icon from this set is available in 48×48px format (PNG, AI and PSD source), and here is a full preview with all icons from this set:


  • Download WPZOOM Developer Icon Set
  • 154 icons
  • 48×48 (PNG, AI & PSD)

You are allowed to use these icons anywhere you want, however we’ll highly appreciate if you link to this article or to our website when you share/use them.
Creative Commons License
WPZOOM Developer Icon Set by WPZOOM is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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  • Thanks for the wonderful icons!

  • It’s an awesome simple yet wonderful icon set!
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  • Thanks for the awesome freebie! :)

  • Thanks for the great stuff. I really love it.

  • I love these. So simple but so effective. Great job Pavel!

  • zurp


  • bloolb

    ¡Muy currado!, gracias.

  • These are clean, simple & absolutely gorgeous. Thanks so much for gifting these; you’re a star! :)

  • Clean! Very nice!

  • Thanks for these beautiful icons!

  • han

    awesome! thanks dude!

  • Wow. This is an amazing and very intuitive set! Thanks so much for sharing them.

  • david

    these are awesome, thanks. but why is it when people create free icons, themes, wallpapers, everybody is so thankful but when someone distributes a free software, that probably took much more time to make (version updates, etc) no one even thinks about saying thanks? just something that crossed my mind as I was using Notepad++ sorry :) these are awesome. thanks.

  • I love these, simple enough to be used almost anywhere.

    Thanks guys.

  • great thing, thanks for the great icon set!

  • Thank you threw the archives for the icons

  • Hi, thanks for these beautiful icons! I used them for sticker buttons on my post ( Thanks!

  • Muy buenos los iconos. Gracias!!!

  • Thanks for the freebie! I could use these.

  • Clean and Beautiful! You have done a good job. Thanks for hard works!

  • Thanks for these. They are gorgeous!

  • Awesome, thank you for sharing this !They look beautiful

  • Wow, thank you Pavel! Great icons!

  • I love the simplicity of these icons, we’ve been struggling to find any decent ones for our e-commerce system so I’ll definitely be using them in the future.

  • Dougieladd

    Thanks for sharing these!

  • JoeShon Monroe

    I can definitely use these for prototyping.

  • Beautiful set! Thank you!

  • Wow, great set. Just bought 2 themes for $99 too. :)

  • PaulKayUK

    Download appears to be corrupted or invalid zip (sadly) as I like the look of these

  • Wow, thanks for the nice work.

  • Many Thnx!

  • I’m looking for help. I purchased the videozoom template. The document folder doesn’t tell me everything that I need to know about the template. For example I need to understand how to incorporate drop down menu on my click button – it doesn’t tell me how to do it. I need to know how to insert the slide videos into the screen play of the videozoom – the document doesn’t tell me that. I need to know how to make sure that when I post an article that the picture also appears on the main page. If you can please help me i’d love it so much – I have provided you with a link so that you can see what I have done so far.

  • @James Dubreze:
    Dear James, please use our Support Forum for all your support-related questions:

  • Rob

    Great set of icons, and thanks for sharing them. They’re ideal for my current project!

  • Barry

    Impressive set of icons. Thanks!

  • José

    Very cute icon set. Thanks!

  • Thanks for sharing this icons!

    • robert

      hi, is possible to use this in a file for envato marketplaces?

  • Thanks much, wonderful designs!

  • Thanks for this icon set. Another designer friend of mine showed it on Twitter and I couldn’t wait to get into the office this morning to download it. Not sure I have ever seen an icon set with this many icons either. Good work all around!

  • Thanks bunches – they’re great!

  • One Colombia

    Muchas gracias por los Iconos … son de gran ayuda!!!

  • sandra

    gracias por los iconos me han sido de gran ayuda
    desde argentina un abrazo

  • Wow — simple yet elegant.

  • Markus

    Great dude! Nice workl!

  • Please consider submitting to The Noun Project. They would be perfect.

  • Thank you for these icons. I will definitely use them in my powerpoint and screencast presentations.


  • Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  • max

    Very beautiful and impressive icons! Thanks for this set!

  • Great Icons, i’ve been looking for something like this for ages! Good Job!

  • killer.

  • veergool

    Thank you wpzoom!
    you are the best :)

  • Thank you soooo much!
    Especially for giving them away in AI !

  • Oooh I do like this set, round black icons, you can do virtually any type of site without suffering the discrepancies in icons. I also think that it’s very easy to build a site when you use black icons, because there a no very visible differences between sets.

  • Thank you very much for these beautiful icons. Great Work.

  • Thanks for this great icons. Best regards.

  • Victor Cardoso

    Wonderful set. Many thanks.
    Just one remark: the AI file seems to be in a format that does not allow Inkscape to open it. As I do not use Adobe Ilustrator, and probably many others, would it be possible to release it also on EPS or plain SVG so that it would be editable by other tools?

  • great icons..if its in link to download it would be much better..but your themes are awesome…

  • Chonnikarn

    Thank you for your beautiful&useful works.

  • Thanks !! están muy buenos, saludos desde Chile !!!

  • These are great icons, all apps need to use these for standardization.

  • Awesome , Just what i was looking for!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for the share, they look great!

  • Thanks for this icon set. Useful for my website!


  • Useful! Thx

  • This is a very nice collection. Thank you for posting!

  • MTG

    Exactly what I needed. Thanks!


  • Elron

    THANKS ALOT!!! well designed :)

  • Arif Kamal

    I am in love with these icons. lovely lovely work.

  • eric

    thank you! You’ve been a great help.

  • Igor

    mulțumesc mult :)

  • Site femmes mariées

    I like all oh them!

    “La femme mariée qui cherche des hommes mariés”

  • Natasha

    realy coooool icons. thanks wpzoom

  • NDesigner

    Thanks a lot, just what I was looking for. But it was quite a shock for me when I found out there’s no HOME icon among all those 154 icons, can someone please
    add one last icon to this set, an HOME icon and make it 155 icon set please :)

    But thanks again, awesome share.

  • taquocviet

    I need them and thanks for all them.

  • Akhtar

    Exactly what I needed for my templates. Thanks!

  • oni seun

    this is great !! i love it

  • shio

    Beautiful set & very elegant! Thank you!!

  • Gemma

    Thank you for making this set available. Bookmarked and Buffered!

    • Gemma

      May I use these in WordPress themes and website templates for sale and distribution on marketplaces?

      I know what the license says but it’s quite ambiguous with regards to whether I can do this with them, as it’s not the same as using them in client, commercial or personal projects.

  • DidoProject

    wow,i like this icon set!

  • Dee

    interesting that out of all those icons, the “home” icons seems to have been missed. :)

    beautiful set though.

  • Abigail Hamilton (@candyhog)

    Great icon set, so simple yet not lacking in personality and panache.

  • Leo

    You did it beautiful!

  • Daniel Quijano

    increibleeeeee!!!! muchas gracias!!!!

  • Kartenlegen

    I love this handy icons. They are really beautifull! Thank you so much

  • DonnaKP


  • Sze
  • Copper Art

    Exactly what I needed.

    • Servilis

      Cool icons!! Thanks

  • mojo706

    Thank You! Attribution will be done. A year and a half later and its still useful.

  • Partnerrückführung

    Thank you very much. I want rebuilt my website with wordpress, so this is very helpful.
    Thank you.

  • Daniel Prasetya

    cool…. thank u

  • Floxit

    Used for my notification system on my top navigation menu, and attributed in the footer, linked to this article !

    Thank you for your nice rounded design ! I’m really happy to the feel looking !

  • Alex

    Thank u for sharing. I’ll do too.

  • WPTheme

    David Ferreira’s work is great. Thanks for these icons :)

  • Galaxima

    Many thanks for your icons!

  • Esoblogger

    big thx for the nice freebie

  • Thank you! This is nice set of icons. I really appreciate that you include .ai file inside that pack. I think, I’ll use it on my site :D

  • pepperstreet

    Sweet! Would like to see and use it a as webfont… any chance? Commercial?

  • ching

    Thank you for sharing it!

  • Nina

    excelente trabajo! y muchas gracias por compartirlo!

  • Manticus

    Great set of icons, what’s the licence ?

  • Designer

    thank you sooo much for sharing!

  • Andrei Simionescu

    Thank you so much for these freebies – much appreciated! :-)

  • Eric Young

    Thanks for the icons!

  • sandra

    hi Pavel,
    I download the icon ai format, but I can’t open with inkscape (only blank).
    Is that possible to get another ai format?