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Last Round of Updates & Improvements for 2010

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Even if it’s the end of year, and many of you already enjoy your winter holidays, we’d like to give you one last good news from this year.
The good news is that we just completed another round of updates with improvements to all of our themes.

And here are some of the most important improvements that can be found in latest updates of our themes:

    Localization Support

    As you may noticed, only themes we released recently included localization support, so we decided to add this useful feature to the rest of our themes, so you can translate much easily any of our themes into your language.

    WordPress MU (Multi Site) Compability

    Once WordPress MU was integrated under the name of “multi-site” feature since WordPress 3.0, we decided that it would be a great thing to make our themes compatible with this feature, for those who want to create a network of sites.

Beside above features we added to all of our themes, we also added a few other improvements to some themes:

    Video Support for Yamidoo, Yamidoo PRO & Manifesto themes

    We received numerous requests of adding video support for these two theme, which are ones of most popular from all our theme, so with new updates, you can easily embed any video from popular video-sharing websites to the sliders of this themes.

  • Demo for Yamidoo
  • yamidoopro_video
  • Demo for Yamidoo PRO
  • manifesto_video
  • Demo for Manifesto
    Widgetized Tabs in Yamidoo, Yamidoo PRO & Magnific themes

    We replaced that static widget tab from mentioned themes, with a more enhanced widget, which allows you in easy steps to create tabs from any widget.

    Custom Posts for Business Bite’s Slideshow

    With Custom Posts it will be much easier to add a new slide in Home Page Slideshow.


Updated themes can be downloaded by our verified costumers, as usually, from our Support Forum.

Unfortunately there’s no quick & easy way to do an automatic update to the new version. If you haven’t made any modifications to your theme files, then you can overwrite your old version. If you have made modifications (customizations) to your theme, you will need to backup firstly your old theme, and then make modifications again in the new version. You can also compare your old modified file against the updated file with any good HTML Editor or use an online tool.

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