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What’s in a WordPress Education Theme? Examples of What’s Possible

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Whether you’re looking for a new look for your university, college, or learning establishment, finding a quality WordPress education theme can be a chore. Here at WPZOOM, we’ve designed some unique education themes to make your search easier.

As our WordPress movie themes post generated some interest, we thought we’d follow suit. By showing you what some of our WordPress education themes can do, along with examples of how they could look.

It should help you gain an understanding of our education theme capabilities and spur your imagination.

Must-Haves For Any WordPress Education Theme

If you’re looking to purchase a WordPress theme for your school, university, college (whatever your case may be), there are some essentials you’ll need to thrive and attract students.

The most important thing is engaging copy to attract students, tell a story, and make your school/college/university stand out. Throw in some quality images of your facility and what potential students can expect.

These are all great, and it’s not enough; you need a WordPress theme that’s going to turn heads, one that gets people talking about your facility. Thankfully; our purpose-built WordPress education themes cover all these bases.

Let’s take a look at some more must-haves:

  • Events page detailing upcoming events as well as past ones. This gives visitors a flavor of what’s in store at your learning establishment.
  • A tour page, filled with imagery, again this gives people more insight into your learning facility.
  • Book a tour, use a contact form for potentially interested students to take a trip around your facility. Or tack one on the end of the tour page.
  • Student life at your facility. Interview students about how they find it and showcase this on a dedicated page.
  • Success stories. Interviews with previous students and how they have progressed since graduating/completing a course.
  • Teacher section/staff roster showcase who is teaching specific courses, outline the knowledge they have to share.
  • Video content, such as virtual tours, interviews with students, teachers.
  • An enrolment page gives students a way to start the enrolment process.
  • Photo gallery with images of the facility.

Remember, you’re appealing to students and their guardians; the content has to appeal to both.

Layout wise, this information needs to be on clear display; thankfully, our WordPress education theme offerings will ensure this info is where it needs to be.

Ready? Okay, let’s get started; we’ve handpicked some WordPress themes we think will make a real difference.

Capital WordPress Education Theme


Nobody ever said an educational WordPress theme should be purely for universities/colleges. In this example, we’ve created a hairdressing school; whatever your educational niche, Capital can be used to achieve the results you need.

Take a look at the below to see a real-world example of what’s possible:

Hairdressing education WordPress theme example


Displaying all the required information, a potential student needs to choose whether or not to join our hairdressing school. Highlighting courses on offer, enrollment page, and blog for the latest news and events.

The Capital education theme has plenty of ways to display information thanks to its widgetized homepage.  Using the widgets and settings at your disposal, you can drag and drop them to showcase pages, posts, events, and more.

Capital Theme Features:

  • Homepage slider option, build out your slides, link them to posts or pages, add text for a call to action button, and change the color. Perfect for drawing attention to specific content. 
  • Integrates with the free event plugin for WordPress, create events and add them via widgets to the homepage or sidebar.
  • A dedicated events page with a calendar is incredibly useful for letting people know what’s coming up event wise.
  • Typography options. Choose from Google fonts or standard fonts. Change the size/weight of text across headings, widget titles, blog post title, single pages, posts, and more.
  • Display a video thumbnail of your video content and use the thumbnail as a featured image on the homepage using the WPZOOM Carousel Slider widget.
  • Full support for WooCommerce, incredibly useful for selling fees for entry to your educational establishment.
  • Responsive, well, it is the 21st century after all—no excuse for your website not to work on mobile devices!

There’s more to the Capital WordPress theme; to see it in action, please look at the demo.

View Demo

Presence WordPress Education Theme (Education Demo)

Presence WordPress Education Theme layout

You may or may not know that one of our most popular themes, Presence has an educational/university layout available. Thanks to our import demo function (available on all our templates), you can import the design ready for your next project, along with the content.

Presence utilizes the page builder plugin Beaver Builder, although it’s not required to create an education website. In this next example, we’ve created a website for a fictional School of Acting called Marlim.

For the Marlim example, we’ve used the widgetized homepage template. Keeping it simple and effective for our potential students, see below:

WordPress education theme demonstration of Presence

With a featured slider under the navigation menu, we’ve chosen to highlight pages from the WPZOOM options panel and selected a few pages for our slider.

We’ve used multiple WPZOOM widget Single Page widgets in the three available columns on the homepage under the slider. This widget has several options.

In this instance, we’ve chosen to display the page’s featured image as a background with text overlay and a call to action button. 

Directly under this, we have a testimonial slider highlighting feedback from students, lastly a full-width news block highlighting blog posts from the school.

As the homepage is widgetized, adding carousels, image blocks, and more is a breeze. If you wanted more complex layouts, then Presence supports Beaver Builder so you can make something completely different from our example.

Presence Theme Features:

  • Ten Different importable theme demos covering: Education (obviously), Real Estate, Hotels, Business, Agency, Portfolio, Fitness, Church, WooCommerce Store, Magazine, Blog, and more coming soon.
  • Jetpack portfolio support.
  • Pre-defined color schemes (6 in total).
  • WooCommerce ready.
  • Responsive (displays on all devices).
  • Three Different styles for the featured image slider.
  • Four different layout styles for the blog page, choose from default, three columns, two columns, and traditional style.
  • Fully compatible with the Beaver Builder page builder plugin.
  • Ten + Widget options.
  • Multiple typography options, choose from Google fonts, set size, text weight, and more.
  • Events plugin integration, create events and showcase them in a widget, or dedicate a page to all your events.

The Presence theme may not come across as a typical WordPress education theme. Thanks to our one-click demo importer, it becomes just that.

Perfectly suitable for schools, colleges, universities, and any other educational facility. If you’d like more information about the Presence theme, please look at the various demos on offer.

View Demo

Academica Pro 3.0 An Education Theme For WordPress

Academica Pro 3.0

The Academica Pro 3.0 theme is a popular choice for those looking for a new design for their university, school, or college. In truth, it’s probably the most popular choice.

With a more traditional layout in keeping with education establishments, all the relevant information is on display for our visitors, giving them an insight into what’s in store.

For the next example, we’ve made up a university called ACME; take a look at the below to see how it turned out:

ACME university demo of WordPress education theme

At first glance, our example might not even look like the same theme as Academica Pro 3.0! That’s thanks to how versatile it is.

You’ll notice, in the navigation bar next to the logo, you’ll see a “Book A Tour Today >” a great way to draw attention to our potential students.

Easily Achieved by Doing the Following:

Go to Appearance in your WordPress admin, click on Menus; once loaded, you’ll see a tab at the top of this screen called Screen Options.

Click Screen Options; a tab will appear sliding down; here, click on CSS Classes as per the image below:

click on CSS classes

That’s it. To display the call to action, all you’ll need to do is add the following text to your menu item: wpz-button.

See below example:

add menu button to navigation menu

That’s all you have to do, and it’s an effective way to highlight a specific page or URL.

Featured Slider in Academica Pro 3.0

The featured slider in Academica Pro 3.0 is something we’re rather proud of at WPZOOM. Here are a few quick reasons why:

  • Enable slider or disable.
  • Content Source, either Featured Pages or Featured Posts.
  • Autoplay Slideshow set the interval in milliseconds.
  • Choose The Number of Posts/Pages in the slider.
  • Enable Data/Time, Display Excerpt, and Display a Read More Button.

In our ACME Uni example, we’ve chosen pages as a content source. Each page has it’s own option when it comes to adding it to the homepage slider. See below for options available:

add to homepage slider

Selecting a page to feature in your homepage slider is a cinch. All you have to do is check a box and add in a URL, add some text to your call to action button, and voila.

Homepage Image Boxes

Using the widget WPZOOM: Image Box, you can add a title to your box, an image, and a specific URL of your choosing. With options to open it in a new tab or not.

Here we’ve added 6 in total; they fit comfortably under our featured slider and draw a visitor’s attention to specific pages of interest.

Latest News & Events

In our example, we’ve added the latest news via the WPZOOM: Featured Category widget. An Event’s widget in the right sidebar, and the WPZOOM: Custom Menu widget in the right sidebar.

Footers in Academica Pro 3

Academica Pro 3.0 supports four widget columns. We’ve added three to our footer. A text widget complete with an image. A navigation widget, and, the Social Icons by WPZOOM widget. We think it rounds off the layout well.

Academica Pro 3.0 Features

  • Four homepage Layout styles.
  • Featured homepage slider with various options.
  • Three Widget areas under homepage slideshow.
  • Three Navigation areas, an optional Top Bar Menu, and a selectable menu for mobile devices.
  • Events integration with The Events Calendar plugin.
  • Choose the layout of individual posts/pages. Choose from sidebar left, content middle, sidebar right, content sidebar, sidebar content, or full width.
  • Fully compatible with WooCommerce, great for selling uniforms, learning materials, and more.
  • Add testimonials and highlight them through widgets.
  • One-click demo import.

There’s a lot more to Academica Pro 3.0, a whole lot more. We’ve barely scratched the surface of the features available. If you’d like to find out more about this WordPress theme, please view the demo.

View Demo

In Conclusion

We hope we’ve shown you what is possible using our WordPress education themes. If you’d like to see more examples from actual customers of ours, please look at the customer showcase. There’s plenty on offer, with examples of Academica Pro 3.0, Presence, and the Captial theme.

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