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Best Free WordPress Themes in 2008

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Now when is the end of the year, I decided to look through Collections of WordPress Themes for this year, and to choose the ones I liked most.

So I decided to declare 15 of them as The Best Free WordPress Themes in 2008. The criteria for selection were simple, and among them I can enumerate:

  • 1. Unique design
  • 2. Unusual structure
  • 3. New Features Integrated
  • 4. and many other special features.

    WordPress Fun

    WordPress Fun is a 2 columns theme with a grungy design which looks very proffesionaly and also has included .psd file, that allows you to customize theme as you like.

  • Theme info Demo

    Color Paper

    Another great and free professional theme from SmashingMagazine with a well structured design.

  • Theme info Demo

    Agregado Theme

    Agregado is a theme that has integrated a built-in lifestream module and contact form with custom control panel options which is perfectly for any personal blogs.

  • Theme info Demo


    Arthemia is combining a magazine and a weblog into one; it is not too magazine-ish nor too blog-ish.

  • Theme Info Demo

    Typebased Theme

    Typebased is a free, personal blog design, with a very clean and elegant style.

  • Theme info Demo

    The Original Premium News

    This theme has been recently released for free as a gift from WooThemes at their 1st anniversary.

  • Theme info Demo

    Versatility Theme

  • Theme info Demo

    WP Coda

    WP Coda is a fantastic theme which was created to “mimic” the function of the very popular Coda website.

  • Theme info Demo

    Purple Fever

  • Theme info Demo

    NewsWeek Theme

    NewsWeek is a theme which is originally inspired from Business Weeek website.

  • Theme info Demo

    Curious Theme

    Curious is another free WordPress theme designed in a clean classic layout.

  • Theme info Demo

    StudioWordPress Premiere

    StudioWordpress Premiere is a wonderful theme with wonderful options.

  • Theme info Demo

    Personal Homepage Theme

  • Theme info Demo

    Holiday WordPress

    Holiday WordPress is a flexible, professional theme with a two-column layout and a “featured” area for the latest story.

  • Theme info Demo

    Intaglio Theme

  • Theme info Demo

    Grungezine Theme

  • Demo

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