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How to use the WPZOOM Slideshow Shortcode [wzslider]

Download WPZOOM Shortcodes

WPZOOM Slideshow Shortcode is now available as a free plugin on wordpress.org.

Download WPZOOM Shortcodes

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Slideshow Shortcode is a feature included in all WPZOOM themes that displays all images attached to a post in a slideshow.

Slideshow example in LitePress theme

The slideshow can be inserted anywhere in the post content by using the shortcode [wzslider] or clicking the following button from the Editor:

How to use the Slideshow Shortcode [wzlider]

  1. Upload your images and write a title if you’re going to be using captions. You don’t have to insert the images into the post; the slideshow will display all images uploaded to the post.
  2. Click the button at the top of the post writing segment; it’s likely to be the one on the top row — see the image above.
  3. Select your options, including the height of the slideshow, whether to show captions and whether to enlarge the images when clicked by using a lightbox.
  4. Insert the gallery, save the post and enjoy!

How to change the order of images in the Slideshow

You can change the order of images, by clicking the Add Media button, and then select to display Images uploaded to this post.

Now you can drag images and change their position as you want.

No other steps are needed, as the changes will appear instantly in the slideshow.

Last updated on January 20, 2019