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How to Create a Recipe Index in Foodica 2.3.0

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We have great news both for Foodica customers and anyone who’s looking for a new food blog WordPress theme.

We’ve just added a new Recipe Index section to Foodica which makes it much easier to display all of your food blog’s recipes on a single page – without the need for any plugins. This is available as part of the 2.3.0 update to Foodica.

Recipe Index in Foodica 2.3.0

How to Create a Recipe Index Page

Before you start, you’ll need to update your theme to the latest version! You can follow these steps to do this.
Once your theme is up to date, we can proceed to the first step:

1. Create a New Page

Create a new page. This will be where your recipe index displays. Name this as you desire (e.g. Recipe Index).

2. Select a Recipe Index Page Template

Find the Page Attributes section on the editing screen and change the Template from Default Template to one of the 3 Recipe Index page templates:

3. That’s all!

Once the new page is created, make sure to add it to your site’s menu so visitors can easily find your new menu.
Additional instructions to configure your Recipe Index are available in theme’s documentation. From Theme Options > Recipe Index Settings you can also change the settings for your Recipe Index.

What is the difference between templates?

You can see all 3 Recipe Index templates in the demo and here’s what’s unique to each of them:

  • Recipe Index (Group by Category) – displays 3 latest recipes from all your categories. Optionally, you can change the number of posts displayed and exclude specific categories in the Theme Options.
  • Recipe Index (Infinite Scroll) – this template displays by default the latest 12 recipes – and supports Infinite Scrolling. The number of posts can be also changed from Theme Options.
  • Recipe Index (List) – a simpler version that displays all recipes from all your categories.


Foodica Theme

Recipe Index (List) page template

The new update is available for all existing customers, and you can download it from our Members’ Area.

For more information about Foodica theme see the theme page or take a look at the live demo. Happy food blogging!

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  • I just check Foodica 2.3.0. I see the Demo and Theme option. This is best for food and Recipe website. Thanks WPZoom for creating this Amazing Theme.