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What is the ZOOM Framework?

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When you’re browsing through WPZOOM’s themes, you may notice that our themes all mention they’re “powered by” the “ZOOM Framework”.

You may have consequently wondered what that actually means.

Seasons is powered by the ZOOM Framework!

In this post I’m going to answer all of those questions for you and explain everything you need to know about the ZOOM Framework, and how it should inform your decision to purchase one of our WordPress themes.

What does it do?

The ZOOM Framework is essentially the “base” all of our themes are built on. As the foundation for all of our WordPress themes, this means it’s built into the theme and you don’t have to worry about it being there, you don’t have to worry about purchasing or installing it separately and you don’t have to worry about whether updates to the framework will break your theme.

The ZOOM Framework is built in to all our WordPress themes.

For you, this means you get to take advantage of all of the amazing features offered by the Framework regardless of which framework you’re using. If you’re a developer, this also means you easily work with any of our themes as they all use the same code-base.

What are the features?

So, we know that the Framework gives you access to a standardised set of features across all of WPZOOM’s themes, but what are these awesome features?

I’m glad you asked! The most noticeable one is the theme options panel.

The ZOOM Framework’s options panel in action.

The options panel, accessible from the WordPress Dashboard, is where you can configure and customize your theme without having to touch any code. You’ll be able to do things like upload your logo, change color schemes and set theme-specific options.

You’re also able to backup your theme settings via the import/export option, setup SEO options and make use of our “one-click widget install”, which will replicate the structure of the demo theme on on your site. This last feature in particular is really handy for getting your site up and running quickly after you’ve installed your new theme.

Some of the layouts, buttons and boxes which can be created using the ZOOM Framework’s shortcodes.

And did I mention the one-click automatic updates? You can update the ZOOM Framework right from the theme options panel, meaning you get to take advantage of new features and upgrades right away.

We’ve also bundled a bunch of shortcodes, buttons, slideshows and customization options into the Framework. For all the details, check out this framework tour.

So why do I want it?

The best thing about the ZOOM Framework is that you don’t need to worry about it. It gets out of your way and lets you get on with what you want to be doing — making an awesome website. All the features listed here are geared up for enabling you to make your site better, and that’s why we think you’ll want it.

It also means once you’re familiar with one of our themes, you can very quickly get to grips with all of our themes. And when we’ve got over 50 themes to choose from, that’s no bad thing :)

Any further questions about the ZOOM Framework or any of our themes, then please either head over to the support forum if you’re an existing customer or get in touch if you’re not yet a customer.

Happy theming!

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