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Tools We Use: Woopra

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From the first day this tool was recommended by a good friend, we simply fell in love with it for its great functionality. Woopra is a desktop tool that provides real-time live statistics about visitors on your web-site.

Here is the official product description:

Woopra is the world’s most comprehensive, information rich, easy to use, real-time Web tracking and analysis application. We deliver the richest library of visitor statistics in the industry through our innovative desktop application. But Woopra is more than simply statistics.

How is Woopra helping us?

Since this tool offers live statistics for our web-site, we can see in real-time how our visitors browse our web-site, where they came from, what browser and screen size they are using, see how long they stay on WPZOOM before they decide to buy a theme.


Among the usual data that can also be provided by Google Analytics, this tool allows us to initiate a live chat with any of our visitors, as long as they have javascript enabled in their browser. Pretty cool if you want to really surprise your visitors :)


The live chat feature is really great, though we haven’t had the chance to use it much. It is a little risky to just pop-up on your visitor’s screen, though I’m sure people will find ways how to integrate this nifty feature into their own web-sites, communities, etc.
We were wondering maybe to use this feature to pick random winners for some of our contests… who knows, who knows :)

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