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WPZOOM Elementor Addons

Elementor Addons by WPZOOM

This plugin provides a collection of custom Elementor page builder templates and widgets that can make your job extremely easy to create a beautiful interface of the pages or posts on your WordPress site.


Quickly insert in pages pre-built templates


  • Beautiful pre-designed templates
  • Possibility to extend the templates for specific WordPress Theme
  • Advanced Elementor widgets with multiple options and settings


  • Slideshow
  • Team Members
  • Clients Carousel
  • Testimonials
  • WooCommerce Products – NEW
  • Latest Posts
  • Portfolio (Inspiro theme only)
  • Pricing Table
  • Directors (for video creators)


You can see multiple pages created using Elementor and our Inspiro PRO theme here


WordPress, by default, doesn’t offer many options to customize the look and feel of your website. You’re limited to the same generic customization features that most other websites use. Ideally, you want to customize how your WordPress site looks and feels to appear professional and offer a unique experience for site visitors. A great way of doing that is by using the free Elementor addons included in the Elementor Addons by WPZOOM plugin.

In this article, we’ll explain how the Elementor Addons by WPZOOM lets you add additional functionality to your Elementor-powered WordPress website quickly and easily.

Elementor Addons by WPZOOM: Overview

Elementor Addons by WPZOOM is a plugin that offers a collection of custom Elementor addons, page templates and widgets. You can use the templates and widgets to create attractive WordPress landing pages or posts and customize them according to your unique business requirements.

Elementor Addons by WPZOOM

The Elementor Addons by WPZOOM plugin makes it easier for just about anyone to create beautiful WordPress sites with Elementor. It adds to the already robust customization features of the Elementor page builder and lets users create attractive interfaces on their WordPress site.

In addition to this, Elementor Addons by WPZOOM offers an intuitive user experience. This means that you don’t have to write any code to configure advanced Elementor widgets to pages or posts on your WordPress site.

Key features of the Elementor Addons by WPZOOM

Elementor Addons by WPZOOM plugin not only lets you use beautiful pre-designed templates for creating pages or posts on your WordPress site, but it also lets you extend the templates for specific WordPress themes.

This means that you can use the plugin to get more functionality out of specific WordPress themes. For instance, if you’re using the Inspiro PRO theme by WPZOOM, the Elementor Addons by WPZOOM plugin lets you use the Portfolio template on your WordPress site.

Additionally, the plugin is also very flexible in terms of customization options for the advanced Elementor widgets. You can set multiple options and settings according to your requirements and seamlessly preview your changes using the Elementor page builder.

Let’s take a look at some key features of the Elementor Addons by WPZOOM plugin for WordPress:

#1. Pre-designed templates

The Elementor Addons by WPZOOM plugin lets you select from a range of beautiful pre-designed templates for your WordPress site. Using these templates, you can quickly build professional WordPress pages or posts without having to write a single line of code.

Depending on what you need, you can just select a template and add it to your WordPress page within a few seconds. After that, you can customize the template according to your requirements and add your logo and branding to it.

This way, you can create great-looking WordPress pages or posts within a few seconds.

You don’t have to do all the work manually – the templates do most of the job for you. All you need to do is set the required fields and you’re ready to go.

#2. Extend templates for pre-existing WordPress themes

Another great thing about the Elementor Addons by WPZOOM plugin is that it lets you extend templates for pre-existing WordPress themes.

This means that you can extend the features for templates of specific WordPress themes such as the Inspiro PRO theme by WPZOOM. Here’s how you would create a portfolio page:

Just add the Portfolio Showcase to any page of your WordPress site to enable a portfolio showcase. You can later customize the widget according to what you need.

Using the Elementor page builder, you can customize the widget with different style options and set your preferred colors. You can add a background image, customize various color options and change the fonts of the portfolio showcase post.

#3. Advanced Elementor widgets

Other than extending templates for specific WordPress themes, the Elementor Addons by WPZOOM plugin lets you use advanced Elementor widgets on your WordPress pages or posts.

You can use these advanced widgets along with other Elementor or WordPress widgets on your site. After adding an advanced Elementor widget, you can configure different settings and options so it suits your site and your content better.

Just add a widget to any post or page on your WordPress site and it will automatically display customization options on the far left of your screen. We also used the Woo Products widget to display WooCommerce products on a page.

Using the Content section you can set different options for displaying WooCommerce products. You can select the number of columns to be displayed, the total number of products per page, and whether you want to activate pagination or not.

Using the Style section, you can customize the style options for content in your widget. This means you can change how the images look on the widget, how the text looks, customize the look and feel of the “add to cart” buttons on the widget and change how badges are displayed.

Lastly, you can use the Advanced section to customize the widget further. You can add motion effects, adjust the margin and padding of the widget, customize how the background and border look, set different responsive settings, and add custom CSS to the widget. This way, you can fully customize the look and feel of your WPZOOM Addons widget for Elementor.

#4. Multiple modules to select from

The Elementor Addons by WPZOOM plugin includes 10 custom modules and lets you add multiple modules to your WordPress posts or pages. The different modules include:

Portfolio Showcase

The Portfolio Showcase module that only works with Inspiro PRO theme offers a great way to showcase your portfolio on any page of your WordPress site. You can set various customization options for the background, style, layout, and colors.


The Slider module lets you display a slideshow of all your posts on your WordPress site in a slider that automatically scrolls through. Users can also click the arrows buttons to navigate the posts and select the one they prefer. You can also display a slider of images and assign custom links to each of them.


Displaying testimonials on any page or post on your WordPress site is easy with the Testimonials module. It lets you display testimonials from clients in an attractive and easy-to-read way. You can also set various typography options and customize the look and feel of the module exactly how you want it so that it fits the rest of your WordPress site better.

Team Members

The Team Members module lets you showcase all your team members on any WordPress page or posts on your site. You can also customize the look and feel of how team members should be displayed by using the Style and Advanced options using the Elementor page builder.

Pricing Table

The Pricing Table module allows you to display a pricing table for services or products on your site. You can showcase an attractive pricing table that is easy to navigate for clients visiting your WordPress site.


The Directors module is created specifically for portfolio websites. It’s great for agencies that want to showcase their work by listing the content creators. This Elementor module includes both functional and design elements made to impress the viewers from the first interaction.


Using the Carousel module, you can showcase clients you’ve worked with previously or are your current clients on any WordPress page or post on your site. You can add multiple carousels to a page along with adding images and setting the title of each carousel.

WooCommerce Products

The WooCommerce Products module lets you showcase WooCommerce products on any page of your WordPress site. You can set various customization options to change how WooCommerce products are displayed within the widget. You can also add additional CSS to the module to make it look exactly how you want it to.

Posts Grid

The Posts Grid module allows you to showcase the latest posts on your WordPress site in a clean grid-style layout. You can then customize which posts to include, how the posts should look, and set various color options for the module. In addition to this, you can also set whether you want to display the module across all devices or not. This way, it’s easier to make sure your WordPress page stays responsive.

Inspiro Slideshow

The Inspiro Slideshow module is specifically made to work with the Inspiro PRO theme. This module is connected with the Slideshow custom posts type and lets you add video backgrounds to the slider, as well as add videos in a clickable lightbox.

#5. Exceptional customer support

With Elementor Addons by WPZOOM, you don’t have to worry about solving problems on your own. Thanks to the exceptional customer support provided by the WPZOOM team, you won’t be left scratching your head if you run into any issues.

You can contact customer support channels easily and the team at WPZOOM will solve your problem as quickly as possible.

Download it for Free!

Creating beautiful and unique WordPress pages using the Elementor page builder can sometimes be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right tools in your tech arsenal. With the help of the Elementor Addons by WPZOOM plugin, you can create attractive WordPress pages within a few clicks. It adds advanced Elementor widgets and offers pre-designed templates for quickly creating WordPress pages.

The Elementor page builder is a robust plugin that lets you create unique websites that have attractive animations, custom CSS, and responsive designs. It’s an all-in-one solution for website owners looking to enhance their WordPress site and take it to the next level.

Ready to create professional WordPress sites quickly and easily?

Download Elementor Addons by WPZOOM and start building!

For more information see the plugins page in the WordPress.org Plugin Repository.