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WordPress: More Than A Blog Platform (part 1)

Written by Pavel Ciorici on in Best of, Plugins, WordPress Themes Sets 25 comments

Internet is unimaginable without this WordPress, which makes writing and publishing articles on-line in a easiest way, because it is very simple and user-friendly, thing that contributed to its development in several directions.

The next series of articles I proposed to bring in the spotlight different ways of using the WordPress, bringing examples, resources, like themes and various tutorials.

Most of us have used that the WordPress has evolved in a such way, that many have forgotten that WordPress is actually a platform for blogs and there is no surprise to see popular sites of any kind, which are powered by this blogging platform. Among such sites are listed well known on-line publications like: CNN Political Ticker or Blogs pand many other notable blogs, which list can be found here.

WordPress as Magazine or News Site

There are a lot of themes and techniques to create a wonderful Magazine or News Site in WordPress. Most of these theme often differ from the rest of specifications as Featured Content Gallery, Administration Panel and a lot of integrated plugins.
Many web-designers suggests WordPress because it’s simple and yet is such a pleasure to use. Yes, there are things that need to be improved but WordPress being an open source software, you can expect continuous improvements on it by the community.


Here are my favourite sites with Magazine style, created with WordPress:

  • FollowTheWinds is a blog about Windsurfing Lifestyle, which is a modification of the theme Arthemia, and next to the default theme features it has integrated and a great flash slide panel.

  • It’s hard to believe, but Timothy Sykes is an WordPress powered blog, because it is very well structured and the concept is different from any others.

Tutorials & Resources:

Magazine Themes

Here are my favorite WordPress Themes of all time, which I think are perfectly created for Magazine Style blogs.

WordPress as a Twitter clone:

Have you ever wanted to have a Twitter profile different from the rest? Now this is possible using WordPress. Often we observe different uses of the twitter plugins in WordPress, which led to a mini-blogging spreading among bloggers, who prefer short posts.


Twitter-like WordPress themes:

Twitter-like WordPress Themes allows you to customize your Twitter “profile” as you want. Sometimes I feel the need to post a video or a picture, and then appears and the need for a twitter profile that you can manage as you wish, and this leads to the using of WordPress as an alternative to Twitter. But there is also a disadvantage because you lose the main essence of Twitter, that of creating a community of mini-bloggers, and disappears at the same time interaction between people who follow you.

Plugins & Tutorials

WordPress as a Trailer or Video Site:

In my opinion, beside WordPress Rockstar, I think we have to invent and VideoStar expression. Can you guess who can be called so? Certainly that’s Jason Schuller, who has introduced a new type of WordPress theme – Video Themes.


  • FlickOut is an Powered by WordPress Blog, where we can find trailers and wathc them in a very easily way.

  • TrailerFlick is a site developed by VideoStar Jason Schuller, and I would like to mention that it is very much like structure with the first example in this, even if it lacks some features.


Bellow I post all the video theme created by Jason Schuller:

And the remaining themes are creations of various authors:

I hope you enjoyed this article, and don’t forget to come back soon to read the new articles from this series called: WordPress: More Than A Blog Platform.

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