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What’s New in Recipe Card Blocks, June ’20 Edition

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It’s time for a new roundup to highlight the changes and features we’ve been adding to the Recipe Card Blocks plugin in the last few months.

Last time we did a similar roundup in January, and since then we’ve been periodically updating our plugin, continuously taking it to a new level.

New Design in the PRO version

In the latest 2.9.0 update of the PRO version, we’ve added a new recipe card style called Accent Color Header:

You can view here a demo of the new design.

Full AMP Support in Free & PRO versions

At first, AMP support wasn’t a priority on our to-do list for this plugin. However, as this is a vital function for many websites, we decided to make our blocks fully compatible with this technology.
Now the blocks will preserve their design, so you can turn on the AMP on your website right away and make it lightning fast!

Recipe Card Blocks is now fully compatible with the official AMP plugin and AMP for WP.

View AMP Demo

Image Gallery & Image Lightbox in PRO version

To help you with describing complex recipes, we’ve added a new gallery feature in the PRO version. You can create galleries from multiple images in each step from the Directions section of a recipe.
The gallery feature integrates smoothly with the block editor, and you can easily upload multiple images at once, change their order, etc.

Along with the gallery options, we’ve also integrated an image lightbox feature. This is useful for showcasing high-quality images of your recipes.

You can view a demo of the gallery and image lightbox here.

Block & Header Alignment

In both free & PRO versions we’ve added 2 new options which will help you to change the alignment of the block itself and of the text in the header.

The option to change the block alignment can be found in the top toolbar, while the header alignment option is located in the block settings on the right:

Food Labels in the PRO version

We’ve also added a simple but very useful feature that lets you display icons with different food labels in each recipe.

What’s Next?

As you can see from the updates listed above, we’re really motivated to bring the best features in our plugin and make your food blogging experience much easier.

The next development chapter for our plugin will be to add options to easily migrate recipes from other plugins. This is not an easy task for us, and probably for the start, we’ll offer an option to migrate individual recipes created using WP Recipe Maker plugin to Recipe Card Blocks.

If you have a suggestion for a new feature, feel free to leave it on our Ideas Board.

Ready to upgrade?

Upgrading to the PRO version is simple. Regardless of whether you’ve used the free version before or not, after purchasing the PRO version you’ll get a new version of the plugin which you can easily install from the WordPress Dashboard.

Get Recipe Card Blocks PRO!

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