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What’s New in Recipe Card Blocks Free & PRO

It’s been a few months since the release of the Recipe Card Blocks PRO plugin, and our team continued to release new updates constantly for both versions of the plugin: Free & PRO.

As we’ve released many major updates for both versions in the past months, let’s make a quick overview of the most important changes and new features we’ve added to the plugin.

Nutrition Facts Label Block

In both versions of the plugin, we’ve added a new block called Nutrition.

Whether you’re a food blogger or nutritionist, this block will make your pages pop with some useful scientific information about your recipes. Fill out nutrition values and see instantly how the block will look like thanks to real-time preview.

nutrition block wordpress

You can see a live demo of the block here.

Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook CTA (Call-to-action) (PRO)

Do you like what you see in the above screenshot?
The good news is that this feature is already available in the PRO version starting with the 2.6.0 update.

You can add in the footer of all your recipes captivating call-to-actions to promote your profiles or hashtags on the following social networks: Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Everything is fully editable and you can control which call-to-actions to display or not.

Adjustable Servings, Ingredients Unit & Amount (PRO)

All the good things go to the PRO version…

If you’re taking food blogging seriously, then we’re doing the same with our PRO version.

The latest updates of the PRO version bring significant improvements to the process of adding and displaying your recipes in posts.

In version 2.5.0 we’ve added the Adjustable Servings option. It allows your visitors to see the right amount of ingredients depending on how big is the party they’re cooking for (view demo).

This update also includes new additional fields when adding your Ingredients. Those fields are the amount and unit for each ingredient.

Ingredients amount and unit

What’s Next?

The list with new features and improvements doesn’t stop here.

Since the development of this plugin is currently very active, we’re continuously looking for feedback from our customers. The best suggestions are very quickly implemented in new updates.

Such an example is the additional details feature with support for custom details that we’ve added in recent updates and came as a suggestion from our customers:

Many other useful features are currently under development and will be available in future updates. Think of features like Nutrition API integration, Import options, Food Labels, etc.

If you have a suggestion for a new feature, feel free to leave it on our Ideas Board.

Ready to upgrade?

Upgrading to the PRO version is simple. Regardless of whether you’ve used the free version before or not, after purchasing the PRO version you’ll get a new version of the plugin which you can easily install from the WordPress Dashboard.

Get Recipe Card Blocks PRO!

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