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Instagram Widget 2.0 & PRO Version Released!

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We’re happy to announce the release of the PRO version of our Instagram pluginInstagram Widget PRO.

We’ve also released a major update for the free version. Used on more than 70.000 websites and with almost 1 million downloads, there’s no doubt our plugin is a favorite for adding an Instagram Feed on WordPress websites.

When we released this plugin in 2015, there weren’t too many ideas of features that could be added in a PRO version. Since we continued to work on the free version and maintained it for years, we finally decided that it was the right time for a big update.

What’s new in the 2.0 version?

  • Create Multiple Feeds
  • Instagram Block for Gutenberg
  • Connect Multiple Accounts [PRO]
  • New Customization Options
  • Load More button [PRO]
  • Masonry Layout [PRO]

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Re-designed & Reimagined

The new 2.0 version not only includes a re-design of the settings page, but we’ve completely changed the process of adding an Instagram Feed to your website.

Now you can easily create multiple feeds with different configurations and embed them in multiple places on your website.

Unlike the old version, in the new one, you can embed your Instagram Feeds in multiple locations using different methods. You can continue using the old Instagram widget for widget areas, but you can also now embed a feed using the new Instagram Feed block or the new Instagram shortcode.

Embed your feeds anywhere you want using a Gutenberg block or shortcode

Unlock more features by upgrading to the PRO version

The PRO version offers some powerful options like creating feeds for multiple users instead of from your own account, showing feeds in different layouts and more.

This version is more customizable and will make it easier for you to set up the widget according to your needs.

Connect Multiple Instagram Accounts

The free version allows you to connect one Instagram account and create multiple feeds for it. In the PRO version, you can connect as many accounts as you want.

Masonry Layout & Load More button

With the “Load more” button, visitors of your website can reveal more posts down the page, and you can set your grid parameters.

We’ve set up a demo site for the PRO version so you see features like the Masonry layout and the Load More button.

With the release of the Instagram Widget PRO, our goal was to integrate features that have been frequently requested by the users of the free version.

Now you have more control over your Instagram feeds and can easily display them anywhere you want on your website.

We’re already working on other new features for the PRO version that will be available in future updates.

Here is what you can expect in the upcoming releases:

  • Stories Support
  • Hashtags feeds
  • More feed styles

Ready to upgrade?

Upgrading to the PRO version is simple. Regardless of whether you’ve used the free version before or not, after purchasing the PRO version you’ll get a new version of the plugin. You can easily download and install it in the WordPress Dashboard. Don’t worry, by updating to the 2.0 version, all existing widgets will continue to work without any problems.

Get Instagram Widget PRO!

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