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Zoom Framework v1.3 Released!

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After a lot of commits and hard work, we’re finally glad to present you the new version of the platform on which are based most of our themes, and which starting with this version will be called Zoom Framework.

The new version includes a lot of new features and performance improvements, but we’ll try to present you only the most important additions:

Re-designed Theme Options page

The new 1.3 version includes a complete redesign of the Theme Options page, which according to our thoughts, integrates better with the WordPress UI & feel. The new design includes a blue header and navigating through sub-sections is much easier using the tabbed menu or “j/k” keyboard shortcuts.

Old (left) vs. New (right) Design

Keyboard Shortcuts

Many of you probably are always looking to do things as quick as possible, and for those like you, we’ve integrated a few shortcuts in the Theme Options page:

j / k – navigate to next/previous sub-section
Ctrl + S (or CMD + S in OS X) – save all changes

Theme Update Notification

You may know already that our framework has an one-click automatic updater, but since this will only update framework-related files, we thought that it would be very useful to receive a notification in the WordPress Dashboard when a new version of the theme you have activated is released. This means that you don’t have to check manually time by time our website for new versions of your theme – now you’ll receive such a notification instantly, so you can apply the update in your theme.

And many other useful features:

Many of our themes have flexible layouts, which are based on custom widgets, and to make them more visible to you in the Widgets page, we’ve decided to add them a nice blue background gradient, which will help to notice them much easier:

Custom WPZOOM widgets can be quickly recognized by blue background

For more details and information take the Framework Tour.

If you don’t see the update notification, please wait a few more hours, because it may take up to 24 hours until some servers will fetch update information. For more help, please use our Support Forum.

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  • Hi,

    nice Job

    An option to display the image in the article would have been nice for.


  • I clicked to perform the automatic update and got this message:

    Fatal error: Class ‘WPZOOM_Framework_Updater’ not found in /home/skymania/public_html/wp/wp-content/themes/telegraph/functions/wpzoom/pages/update.php on line 9

  • Could you let me know specifically which files are affected? Or which folder is affected? I want to update, but don’t want to overwrite anything that I may have changed in the PHP files …