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Introducing WSS by WPZOOM. CSS in Your Language

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Today marks a new chapter in WPZOOM’s history. We are about to release a revolutionary technology that will bring web development closer to people having difficulties speaking English language.

UPDATE: Happy April Fool’s Day from the WPZOOM team :)

Introducing WSS

CSS is an old technology, released 22 years ago. The web needs to evolve and be accessible to everyone, not just to English speakers.

That’s why we decided to release WSS – to help everyone write code in the language they speak.

While many of you may think that W in WSS stands for WPZOOM, it actually stands for World. WSS is the first Global Technology that speaks your language!

First 2 WSS Languages: Romanian & Dutch

I believe there is no surprise why these 2 languages will be the first ones available in WSS.

WPZOOM is partially based in the Republic of Moldova and Netherlands. Half of our team speaks Romanian, which is the official language in the Republic of Moldova, so having WSS in our own language, will definitely make it easier for us to write better and easier to understand code.

As for the Dutch language, no member from our team speaks it, but since last year our company was re-incorporated in the Netherlands, this will be a good opportunity for us (especially me) to learn the language and also give back to the community from here.

Below you can see a preview of how the WSS will look in these languages:

WSS in Romanian:

WSS in Dutch:

Contribute & Suggest new Languages

WSS is an open-source project which will help our customers to customize their WPZOOM themes much easier, writing WSS code in their own language. WSS will automatically detect the properties written and will find their alternatives in CSS, in order to ensure that custom changes will work properly.

WSS is available for beta testing on Github, and everyone is welcome to contribute and provide feedback.

Get WSS Beta →

You can also leave your suggestion for new languages which we should add in WSS in the comments below.

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